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Heli Attack 3

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Cheat codes[edit | edit source]

There are a number of cheat codes built in to Heli Attack 3 that allow players to unlock weapons and levels without necessarily having done so in the game. These codes can be entered by accessing the Cheats section, located within Players.

Programmer Messages[edit | edit source]

Reveals the following: "iopred - Instigator of Awesomness! (sic) (It's not going to be that easy)"
Reveals the following: "DayDream - ArtWizard Extrordinaire!" (sic) (It's not going to be that easy)"

Weapons[edit | edit source]

Standard Edition[edit | edit source]

up up down down left right left right b a select start
Unlocks all weapons
John Rambo
Unlocks Bow&Arrow
Old Faithful
Unlocks ChainGun
Its a Jackal
Unlocks SniperRifle
This is my boomstick
Unlocks DoubleShotgun
Unlocks FlakCannon
Follow the leader
Unlocks GuidedLauncher
Unlocks DrunkenLauncher
Unlocks GooGun
9 Volt
Unlocks SparkPlug
Australians all let us rejoice
Unlocks Bladerang
Unlocks LaserRifle
Unlocks AutoLaserRifle
Unlocks LaserShotgun
I dont have time to bleed
Unlocks Anytime
Call in artillery
Unlocks Airstrike
Missile launch detected
Unlocks ABombLauncher
Bass in your face
Unlocks Soundwaave
Wash away the rain
Unlocks BlackHoleGenerator

Epic Sax Guy[edit | edit source]

4 the win

Zones[edit | edit source]

Ive got jungle fever, she's got jungle fever
Unlocks Amazon Jungle
Aint no mountain high enough
Unlocks Canyon Lands
Who rides the wrecking ball
Unlocks Underground Lab
You are the moon master
Unlocks all Zones

Hidden Weapons and Areas[edit | edit source]

  • In the training mission, there is a FlakCannon on a high platform located above the four Holograms. To reach this platform you go to the higher of the two steps just beyond the Holograms, use Time Distort to slow down time, and then Hyperjump to the platform.
  • There is also a ChainGun hidden in the training mission. This can be obtained by dropping down at the first straight wall and shooting any weapon directly at the wall. The wall will break to reveal a path leading to the ChainGun.
  • In Zone 2-2 there is a branch with a hollow area underneath. Holding the modify key and tapping the crouch key on the metal part of the hollow area will cause you to fall into this area, and shooting its right hand side will break cause it to break and create another entrance. You can use this area as a hiding spot where you cannot be hit by enemy fire.
  • There are three hidden weapons which can be obtained by holding Modify and Crouch in Zones 1-3, in 2-2 and in 3-3. Once you fall beneath the Earth, fire at the wall(s) which block your path to the weapon and it will break away.
  • Shooting any enemy whilst in mid-air by using Hyperjump gives the player twenty-five machine gun bullets.