Heretic II

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Heretic II
Basic Information
Video Game
[[Raven Software
Loki Software (Linux)
Hyperion Entertainment (Amiga)]][[Category:Raven Software
Loki Software (Linux)
Hyperion Entertainment (Amiga)]]
Third-person shooter, Action-adventure
Keyboard and mouse
Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, Linux, AmigaOS 4 (PowerPC) and AmigaOS (68k)
PEGI: 12+
Technical Information
Main Credits
Jon Zuk
[[Kevin Schilder]]
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Heretic II is a fantasy action-adventure game developed by Raven Software and published by Activision in 1998 continuing the story of Corvus, the main character from its predecessor, Heretic. Using a modified id Tech 2 engine, the game features a mix of a third-person camera with a first-person shooter's action, making for a new gaming experience at the time. While progressive, this was a controversial design decision among fans of the original title[citation needed], a well-known first-person shooter built on the Doom engine. The score was composed by Kevin Schilder. Brom contributed conceptual work to characters and creatures for the game.[1] This is the only Heretic/Hexen video game that is unrelated to id Software, apart from its role as engine licenser.

Heretic II was later ported to Linux by Loki Software and to the Amiga by Hyperion Entertainment.

Plot[edit | edit source]

A mysterious plague has swept the land of Parthoris, taking the sanity of those it does not kill. Corvus, the protagonist of the first game, is forced to flee his hometown of Silverspring after the infected attack him, but not before he is infected himself. The effects of the disease are held at bay in Corvus’ case because he holds one of the Tomes of Power, but he still must find a cure before he succumbs.

His search leads him to an ancient Seraph named Morcalavin. Morcalavin is trying to reach immortality using the seven Tomes of Power, but he uses a false tome, as Corvus has one of them. This has caused Morcalavin to go insane and create the plague. During a battle between Corvus and Morcalavin, Corvus switches the false tome for his real one, curing Morcalavin’s insanity and ending the plague.

References[edit | edit source]

  1. Kenson, Stephen (October 1999). "Profiles: Brom". Dragon (Renton, Washington: Wizards of the Coast) (#264): 112. 

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