Hero Fighter

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Hero Fighter
Hero fighter.jpg
Basic Information
Video Game
Marti Wong
Beat 'em up
Keyboard, Mouse
Main Credits
Marti Wong
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Hero Fighter (HF) is a beat-em up game created by Marti Wong, who was one of the designers of Little Fighter 2. The game is made using flash and is still being actively developed and refined by its creator. The game supports up to three human players on one computer, though those with v.0.2.0 (or higher) are able to access a Network Game mode, in which players can challenge other players through the internet.

Game play[edit | edit source]

The game features a single player mode in which players fight with or against computer operated or human controlled fighters. Unlike Little Fighter 2, Hero Fighter has a riding system in which players can jump on to horses to increase their speed with lessened manoeuvrability. While fighting on horseback, some actions differ from when the player is on the ground. Additionally, even when a fighter is knocked down, it is still possible to deal damage to the fighter, which is in contrast to Little Fighter 2. Furthermore, fighters are able to jump on inanimate objects in the game, such as boulders and the trunks of trees.

Similar to Little Fighter 2, fighters have both Hit Points and Mana Points. There is also another statistic called Energy Points. These points are depleted when performing certain physical abilities, such as running, jumping and flipping. Energy Points are regained whenever a fighter is not performing an action that requires the points. Energy Points do not decrease when fighting on horseback.

In the version of Hero Fighter 2.0 (HF v.2.0), A new network mode is activated. Through this the players can compete other players across the world via internet.

In the latest version of Hero Fighter (HF v.2.2), A new army mode is enabled, in which players can form up to 100 men to support him in a battle against his rival.

Characters[edit | edit source]

Hero Fighter currently features a cast of five different characters, each with their own attacks, advantages and disadvantages. The developer is planning to continually add characters in future releases, along with other content and refinements. These characters are:

  • Lucas: An all rounded fighter with special attacks on close range. He is just like a cavalry knight if he gets a horse. He has an upper cut attack that inflict area of effect damage, a wind blade which can hurt enemies at range and a heavy sword blow to do maximum damage on one enemy.
  • Shawn: Shawn is a archer who inflicts maximum damage at range but is very poor in close range. He is like a cavalry archer if he gets a horse. Shawn has the ability to shoot arrows so that he can penetrate his enemies at range. He also has an arrow rain attack which make arrows fall from the sky and can cause are of effect damage. He also has a special arrow called phoenix shot. It does damage to whatever it hits and till now there is no move that can counter this shot but Lucas upper cut.
  • Drew: Drew is a boxer who is very good in close combat. His attacks are terrifying and can cause serious injury. He is very similar to Davis and Mark in LF2. He has many punch based attacks and a body attack similar to that of Mark.
  • Jenny: Introduced in version 0.1.4, Jenny is a spear or lance wielding female fighter who is good in defensive attacks. The is like a Cavalry lancer if she gets a horse and hence can do serious damage against the fighters on foot. Jenny has a whirl wind defense attack, a super spear attack and an air blade attack similar to that of Lucas and can hit enemies at range.
  • Gordon: Introduced in version 0.1.5, Gordon is an battle axe wielding fighter. His special attacks are powerful with a fair range, but require large amounts of Mana Points.

Black Screen[edit | edit source]

People have been complaining about a black screen popping up while booting the game. This black screen would prevent further loading of the game. Thus preventing the player from even getting to the menu screen. Reports say this error occurred with the browser version and downloadable version of the game. This usually requires a Flash Player Update.

Note: The latest Firefox does not have this problem.

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