Hidden & Dangerous 2

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Hidden & Dangerous 2
Basic Information
Video Game
Illusion Softworks
Gathering of Developers, Take-Two Interactive Software, Global Star Software
Tactical Shooter
CD (3), DVD (1)
Microsoft Windows
Retail Features
Hidden & Dangerous 2Hidden & Dangerous 2
Technical Information
LS3D engine
1.12.0 October 24, 2004
CanadaUnited StatesMexico North American Release Date(s)
October 242003
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Hidden & Dangerous 2 is a tactical shooter computer game developed by 2K Czech (renamed from Illusion Softworks) and published by Gathering of Developers and Take-Two Interactive.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

The player controls a four-man British Special Air Service (SAS) team during World War II, conducting a wide variety of operations behind enemy lines. The game is set in a number of World War II battle theaters, from Burma to Norway.

The game centers around realistic gameplay and immersive environments. Weapon and vehicle physics are detailed. For example, bullets can penetrate wooden doors and other objects.

Unlike its predecessor, Hidden & Dangerous, the game does not feature a co-operative campaign mode, although player converted maps allow most of the original campaign levels to be played co-operatively with the expansion.

Expansion[edit | edit source]

An expansion pack titled Sabre Squadron was released during October 2004, introduced nine new single player levels, seven new multiplayer maps, and a now finished Poland deathmatch map (seen in the intro), new weapons: the RPzB 54, the MAS-36, the G43, a suppressed P08 and a Harrington & Richardson Mk VI flare pistol; a co-operative multiplayer mode is also added.

Reception[edit | edit source]

Review scores
Publication Score
Edge 8/10
GamePro 4/5
GameSpy 3/5
GameZone 8.3/10
IGN 7.9/10

Hidden and Dangerous 2 received mostly positive reviews. Eurogamer said that "It takes all that was good about the original, improves every element, successfully adds new features and delivers a well-rounded game".[1] gamesTM claimed that the game's "minor flaws have to be put into perspective against the sheer quality and quantity on offer".[2] Edge called it "One of the finest WWII games of recent memory. Hidden & Dangerous 2 manages to distract you from errors that would cripple a lesser game through its sheer ambition and scale."[3] IGN stated Hidden & Dangerous 2 is "a great game lurking somewhere underneath all of these questionable design decisions."[4] Game Revolution criticised the difficulty level, artificial intelligence and controls, but praised the game overall, saying "the atmosphere, graphics, scope, versatility and ultimately fun gameplay keeps the bad bits in check."[5] Game Zone called it "a great game...underneath the AI problems, bug issues and control problems."[6] Game Spy called it "a compelling World War II experience."[7] Gamespot called it "frustrating to play" and said "there's clearly a wonderful game hidden amongst the major bugs, cumbersome controls, questionable AI, and other flaws."[8] GamePro also criticised the AI, while stating "If you dig tactical shooters, Hidden & Dangerous 2 should be in your sights."[9] Game Informer criticised the interface, graphics, sound and levels, calling it "an okay-at-best game."[10]

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