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This article is about a fictional weapon. For the 2004 film, see The Hidden Blade.

Hidden Blade, one of the fictional main weapons of the Action/Adventure Assassin's Creed and has become the iconic weapon of the series.. It's similar to the modern blade weapon called Switchblade. It is comprised of a bracer (or vambrace) with a telescopic blade attached below. The blade is similar in many aspects to a Stilleto and is attached to a mechanical assembly which allows it to extend and contract like a double action switchblade. When inactive, the blade is hidden inside its casing and the weapon appears to be nothing more than forearm protection.[1]

In-game it is used for stealthy assassinations where the blade is momentarily extened, used to stab the enemy, and then retracted once again to avoid suspicion. It is one of the most popular video game weapons and its appearancce in the assassin's Creed series has propmpted many fans to try and create their own blade, despite the mechanism of the blade being unknown.

In Assassin's Creed II, Ezio has two blades (one on each arm) and his right blade has a modified bracer allowing the blades to be used in combat (with the bracer acting as protection and the blades as two knives). He later gains a modification which hollows out one blade, allowing poison to be inserted.

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