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Basic Information
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Redmond, Washington, U.S. (2002 (2002))
[[Casual games]]
Video games

HipSoft is a Redmond, Washington-based developer of casual video games founded in 2002 by three of the original founders of Monolith Productions: Brian Goble, Garrett Price, and Bryan Bouwman. HipSoft has made over a dozen games, many of which have become popular in the casual gaming industry.[1] Its games have been translated into many different languages and are distributed and sold worldwide through websites and retail outlets. All of the games are available for Windows and most for Mac OS X, and are being developed by partner companies for the Nintendo DS, mobile phones and other platforms.

These casual games, mainly Build-A-Lot, have taken the industry by storm [1] , have been rated 4.5 out of 5 stars[2] and "E" for Every One.[3]

Games[edit | edit source]

  • Build-a-lot
  • Digby's Donuts
  • Five Card Deluxe
  • Flip Words
  • Flip Words 2
  • Gem Shop
  • Gift Shop
  • Holiday Express
  • Jig Words
  • Lucky Streak Poker
  • MicroMan
  • Ocean Express
  • Puzzle Express
  • Sportball Challenge
  • Trivia Machine

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