Holy Beast Online

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Holy Beast Online
Developer(s) EasyFun Entertainment(Taiwan)
Publisher(s) X-Legend(Taiwan)
Alta Multimedia(Hong Kong)
status Status Missing
Release date
Genre Fantasy, MMORPG
Mode(s) Multiplayer online
Age rating(s) E 10
Platform(s) Microsoft Windows
Arcade system Arcade System Missing
Media CD, DVD, Download
Input Keyboard, mouse
Requirements Standard


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Holy Beast Online is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG), developed by Easyfun Entertainment of Taiwan. It began beta phase on the 21st of May in the USA.

Feature[edit | edit source]

The main gameplay feature is the ability of player characters to switch back and forth from an animal form into a human form at will. Different form, Clans and Jobs have different ability.

When creating a character in Holy Beast Online the player can choose one of six animals. The effect of each animal is similar to choosing a race in other MMORPG games. In addition, the player can choose the gender, hair style and hair color.

Once a player reaches level 5, a class can be chosen from what is available to that players chosen animal/Clan.

Clans and Jobs[edit | edit source]

Jobs/Clans Taurus Clan Bird Clan Dragon Clan Tiger Clan Monkey Clan Dog Clan
Warrior O X O O O O
Thief X X X O O X
Hunter O O X X X O
Illusionist X O O X X O
Elementalist X X O O O X
Healer O O O X X X

O = Available X = Not Available

Typically sword and shield user, but can use many melee weapons. Good short range attacks and high HP and defense.

Uses claws, chakrams or two swords, one in each hand. Great short range attacks and can cause status effects like poison.

Bow and crossbow user. Good ranged attacks but low defense.

A magical class that weakens stats of enemies. Use of Damage over Time (DoT) and debuff skills. Low HP and defense.

A magical class that uses the four elements great damage to a single target or group of targets. Low HP and defense.

A magical class focusing on healing and support. Low HP and defense.

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