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the iCade Cabinet for iPad
Creator Think Geek
System iPad / iPhone
Supported games Compatible iPad / iPhone games
Release date
Inputs Joystick
8 buttons

The iCade is an arcade cabinet designed for Apple's iPad and iPad 2 tablets.

The iCade began life as an April Fool's joke at Thinkgeek and has since been developed and released by ION Audio in the spring of 2011. The iCade connects to the iPad as a bluetooth keyboard, and features a single stick control as well as 8 authentic arcade buttons.

Title Support[edit | edit source]

Current Titles[edit | edit source]

  • Mos Speedrun
  • Compression HD
  • Atari Classics
  • IronStar Arena
  • Sideways Racing (1.02)

Upcoming Titles (confirmed by developer)[edit | edit source]

  • Forget-Me-Not
  • C64
  • Velocispider

Developer Support & SDK[edit | edit source]

ION audio has documentation for developers available on their website ionaudio.com