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iTradeVideoGames was a website that used to assist in the trading of used video games. Games were traded to other users of the site in exchange for a virtual currency (iBucks) that could then be used to purchase games from other users. Each game had an iBuck value set by the maintainers of the website. iBucks were added to an account upon confirmation from the receiver that the game had been received; they could also be purchased for $1.00 USD, or traded to other users but paid for through services like eBay.

"Buying" a game also required the use of iTrades. Like iBucks, iTrades had a value of $1.00 USD but could only be bought from iTradeVideoGames.com. Each "purchase" of a video game cost one iTrade (plus whatever the cost was in iBucks) and an additional iTrade for insurance; "selling" games did not require any iTrades. Having insurance protected users in case a damaged game was received. After mailing the damaged game to iTradeVideoGamescom, the iBucks that were spent would be credited back to the account.

One of benefits of trading games through iTradeVideoGames was that there could be better trade-in values than retail stores like Game Crazy/Game Rush. It would be best to take in account the entire collection of game values.

The transfer of the games ware handled by the users much like eBay by coordinating transfer through postal mail.

The site, as of time of writing (December 2014) is no longer active, instead a blog was started in it's place by a user called Ben. The blog uses Wordpress.

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