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Ideaworks Game Studio
Basic Information
Company Type
Limited company
Video Games - iPhone, Mobile, PSP, DS, XBLA, PlayStation Network, WiiWare
Interactive entertainment
Key People
Rob Hendry(Head of Studio)
Phil Waymouth(Head of Business Development)
Russell Clarke(Head of Engineering)
Barclay Deeming(Head of Product Development)

Ideaworks Game Studio (IGS) is a video game developer based in London, UK. Founded in 1998, originally trading as Ideaworks3D the studio has a heritage of developing high-end native cross platform technology and games for the iPhone and Smartphone markets. The studio has created numerous award-winning games, including original and franchise-based games for world leading publishers such as EA (The Sims 2 Mobile and Need for Speed U2 & Most Wanted), Square Enix (Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus Lost Episode), Konami (Metal Gear Solid Mobile), Capcom (Resident Evil: Degeneration) and Activision/ Treyarch (Call of Duty: World at War: Zombies).

Studio History[edit | edit source]

Founded in 1998, Ideaworks3D was established to develop high-end, native, cross platform technology and games software. The studio built a reputation for innovation in graphics on low-power devices, with groundbreaking projects that included porting a PS1 version of Tomb Raider to the Compaq IPAQ. Ideaworks3D’s reputation increased significantly with the launch of Nokia's N-Gage in 2004, for which the company developed 4 launch titles that utilised innovative multi-player and network features.

In 2005 a dedicated game studio was established with a core team of employees from PC and console backgrounds to develop AAA native C++ based mobile games. The company has subsequently brought both original and franchise-based games for world leading publishers to market, receiving numerous awards,[1] for their innovative and high-performance content.

In mid 2009, Ideaworks3D was restructured into two distinct operations,[2] with Ideaworks Game Studio continuing to develop for iPhone and Smartphone but with a remit to focus on a broader range of cross platform, download capable, handheld and console platforms. Ideaworks Labs continued to focus on cross platform technology development, with its Airplay SDK, which became available commercially.

Studio Services[edit | edit source]

Cross Platform Development:
Ideaworks Game Studio history includes extensive experience porting games from multiple sources to its propriety Airplay SDK, enabling deployment to multiple handheld and mobile platforms. The studio’s development pipeline and engine extends their core Airplay technology, to a wider range of gaming formats including Nintendo DS/ Dsi and Sony PSP Go alongside development support for console based digital download formats such as Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network and WiiWare.

Studio Project Development:
Ideaworks Game Studio provides full cycle development for original IP projects, alongside its capability to work with the premier games industry IPs.

Games[edit | edit source]

Release Date Title(s) Platform(s) Publisher(s)
2009 Call of Duty: World at War: Zombies iPhone Activision/ Treyarch
2009 BackBreaker Football: Tackle Alley iPhone NaturalMotion
2009 The Game of Life iPhone EA
2008 Resident Evil: Degeneration iPhone, Mobile/ NGage Capcom
2008 Metal Gear Solid Mobile Mobile/ NGage Konami
2007 Mile High Pinball N-Gage Nokia
2007 System Rush Evolution N-Gage Nokia
2006 Need for Speed Most Wanted Mobile EA
2006 Pandemonium! N-Gage Eidos Interactive
2006 Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus Lost Episode Mobile Square Enix
2006 Need for Speed Undercover Mobile, N-Gage EA
2005 Need for Speed Underground 2 Mobile EA
2005 The Sims 2 Mobile Mobile EA, Maxis
2005 System Rush N-Gage Nokia
2005 Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater Mobile, N-Gage Activision
2005 Colin McRae Rally N-Gage Codemasters
2004 The Sims Bustin’ Out N-Gage EA
2003 Tomb Raider N-Gage, Windows Mobile Eidos Interactive

Notes and references[edit | edit source]

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