Iggle Pop!

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Iggle Pop!
Basic Information
Video Game
[[PopCap Games (formerly by Sprout Games and GameHouse)]][[Category:PopCap Games (formerly by Sprout Games and GameHouse)]]
[[PopCap Games (previously by GameHouse)]][[Category:PopCap Games (previously by GameHouse)]]
CD, Online Download, PDASmartphone
Keyboard, Mouse
Windows, Macintosh and Game Boy Advance
ESRB: Everyone (E)
Technical Information (February 14, 2006)
Main Credits
James Gwertzman and Del Chafe and Ed Allard
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Iggle Pop! (formerly named Fuzzy Frenzy), is arcade game written by Sprout Games with feature works from GameHouse, and later hosted by PopCap Games.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Gameplay is similar to Pac-Man, player chooses one of four main characters. They must collect all the iggles in the bubbles (which means they have been captured) and leads them to correct home color. After play amount of Adventure Mode, Retro Mode is unlocked and it's time-based. Player can also explore to new lands, receive medals and defeat the Zoogs, the antagonists that are kidnapping Iggles.