InFamous Second Son

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InFamous Second Son
Basic Information
Video Game
Sucker Punch Productions
Sony Computer Entertainment
InFamous 2
Action, Adventure
DualShock 4 Controller
PlayStation 4
InFamous Second SonInFamous Second SonInFamous Second SonInFamous Second Son
Technical Information
Main Credits
Nate Fox
Brian Fleming
Bryan Mantia, Nathan Johnson and Marc Canham
United Nations International Release Date(s)
PlayStation 4
March 212014
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Infamous Second Son is an open-world action-adventure video game. It is a sequel to InFamous 2, yet is not considered a direct sequel, since there are few references to the previous games in the series (except in the "Cole's Legacy" DLC pack).

The game maintains a morality system from the other games, although slightly modified. The player can progress morality ranks in either direction. (to True Hero or to Infamous) This acts in a similar fashion to XP, as it grants the player new unlockable powers that can be purchased using Blast Shards collected throughout the map.

There are four central sources of energy within the game, Smoke (which is unlocked by default), Neon, Video (which both unlock after the player reaches certain parts in the story) and Concrete (which is unlocked once the player completes the game).