Industry Giant II

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Industry Giant II
Basic Information
Video Game
[[JoWood Productions]][[Category:JoWood Productions]]
JoWood Productions
Business simulation game
Keyboard and mouse
PEGI: 3+
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Industry Giant II is a business simulation game for Windows. It is the sequel to Industry Giant. Despite a wide range of aspects Industry Giant II is not a complete business simulation game, as many management aspects such as finance, sourcing or HR are hardly present. The 'free game' option allows the player not to worry about turning a profit. The game is primarily considered to be a supply chain simulator, because many aspects of strategic, tactical and operational supply chain management are experienced. Next to this, the structure of the game allows the player to understand how supply chains can be modeled. From that point of view, playing Industry Giant II can be beneficial in order to understand how enterprise supply chain software is modeling existing supply chains.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Urban Development[edit | edit source]

The Villages and Towns modeled in the game map (which includes terrain such as seas and soils of varying fertility) expand over time, with newer building types appearing and demand for products developing. Urban development is affected by player actions, with the placing of shops or charitable buildings spurring on the speed of development and industrial buildings hindering it.

Time[edit | edit source]

Time includes seasons and growing periods and incorporates financial reports on your operations. It progression can be seen from the calendar in the lower right corner and fireworks above towns at New Year. As time moves on technological advances allow for new products and transport vehicles to become available for the player. Transport requires maintenance and planning, with the age of transport stock being considered and breakdowns on the maps road system possible (and very frequent if mis-managed)

Competitors[edit | edit source]

Some aspect of varying competition can be selected with up to three competitors (of varying skill levels and weaknesses) available. Competitors start with the same money and can seem to suddenly expand their operations.

Add-ons[edit | edit source]

  • Industry Giant II: 1980-2020 - an official expansion set available from December 6, 2002[1]

It includes new products such as biofuels, flatscreen tvs and compact music players suitable for the extended time period.

  • Industry Giant II: Gold Edition - includes the Industry Giant II: 1980-2020 add-on and some other minor tweaks to the game, released October 31, 2003.

Issues[edit | edit source]

According to the publisher this game does not work with Nvidia GeForce chips 6xxx and higher. And since the Industry Giants developer team does not exist anymore there probably won't be any official solution to this problem available. Here is a fix for that problem: or go to [2] Nonetheless a solution via a game mod to this problem was found by a user on the JoWooD forums.[3]

The relevant and latest patches for resolving the graphics card issue of the game can be found at

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