Inferno Cruise Missile

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Inferno Cruise Missile
Basic Information
Item Category
Ammunition & Charges
Ammo/Charge Type
Cruise Missile
Clone State Req.
EVE Online-Omega Clone.png
Base Armor Damage
Base Shield Damage
Explosion Radius
330 m
Explosion Velocity
69 m/sec
Inertia Modifier
0.000144498003785 x
1250 kg
Maximum Flight Time
14.00 s
Maximum Velocity
4,700 m/sec
EVE Online-Volume.pngStructure Hitpoints
240 HP
Tech Level
Level 1
Used with (Launcher Group)
Missile Launcher Cruise
EVE Online-Volume.pngVolume
0.05 m³
Structure Damage Resistances
EM Damage0 % Thermal Damage20 % Kinetic Damage0 % Explosive Damage0 %
EM Damage- HP Thermal Damage375 HP Kinetic Damage- HP Explosive Damage- HP
Skill Requirements
EVE Online-Skillbook.png Cruise Missiles I
  EVE Online-Skillbook.png Heavy Missiles III
   EVE Online-Skillbook.png Light Missiles III
    EVE Online-Skillbook.png Missile Launcher Operation II
   EVE Online-Skillbook.png Missile Launcher Operation III
  EVE Online-Skillbook.png Missile Launcher Operation V
EVE Online-Skillbook.png Missile Launcher Operation I
Tech I Variants
Inferno Cruise Missile
Tech II Variants
Inferno Fury Cruise Missile
Inferno Precision Cruise Missile
Faction Variants
Guristas Inferno Cruise Missile
Caldari Navy Inferno Cruise Missile
Dread Guristas Inferno Cruise Missile
Used With (Tech I)
Cruise Missile Launcher I
'Malkuth' Cruise Launcher I
'Limos' Cruise Launcher I
XT-9000 Cruise Launcher
'Arbalest' Cruise Launcher I
Used With (Tech II)
Cruise Missile Launcher II
Used With (Storyline)
'Noose' Cruise Missile Launcher
Used With (Faction)
Domination Cruise Missile Launcher
Republic Fleet Cruise Missile Launcher
True Sansha Cruise Missile Launcher
Caldari Navy Cruise Missile Launcher
Dread Guristas Cruise Missile Launcher
Used With (Officer)
Kaikka's Modified Cruise Missile Launcher
Mizuro's Modified Cruise Missile Launcher
Hakim's Modified Cruise Missile Launcher
Thon's Modified Cruise Missile Launcher
Gotan's Modified Cruise Missile Launcher
Vepas' Modified Cruise Missile Launcher
Estamel's Modified Cruise Missile Launcher
Tobias' Modified Cruise Missile Launcher

An Amarr creation with powerful capabilities, the Inferno cruise missile was for a long time confined solely to the Amarr armed forces, but exports began some years ago and the missile is now found throughout the universe.