Initiate's Primer (NWN)

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Initiate's Primer
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Neverwinter Nights

The letter swim before your eyes, shaping themselves into text that you can understand. This book seems to be a basic guide for priestly initiates who took care of the ancient tomb in which it was found. One passage catches your eye...

"In the early years of the reign of the Thunder Queen, Lagosra, a call went out for the greatest architects and builders of the age. Kerik, hatches of Menron, came to the king and agreed to build a tomb that would house the rulers of our people for all time.

"Kerick took ten years to complete the project, but when it was finished the citizens of the kingdom gasped in amazement at the wonder that had been wrought. Lagosra was pleased and bestowed upon Kerik the honor of being first sacrifice at the tomb's blessing."