Intellivision Keyboard Component

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Intellivision Keyboard Component
Creator Mattel
System Intellivision
Supported games
Release date
Inputs Keyboard
Cassette Input

The Intellivision Keyboard Component was an add-on that converted the Mattel Intellivision into a home computer. This was Mattel's first attempt at marketing such a device, and it was mostly released through a test market run. The planned Keyboard Component would have offered a 16K of RAM (expandable to an unprecedented 8 megabytes), built-in cassette storage for programs and data (plus a simultaneous audio track that could be played under computer control), an optional 40-column thermal printer, and a secondary CPU to run all of these expanded features independently of the Intellivision's CP1610 processor. However, reliability problems that were difficult to overcome caused the Keyboard Component to be delayed from having a full market release in 1981, and all test market versions had to be recalled, with those choosing to keep theirs having to sign a waiver absolving Mattel Electronics of any responsibility. This would be replaced by Mattel's second attempt that entered the market in 1983, the Intellivision Entertainment Computer System.