International Cricket Captain 2010

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International Cricket Captain 2010
Cricket Captain 2010 Box Art.jpg
Developer(s) P2 Games
Publisher(s) Childish Things
Designer Designer Missing
status Status Missing
Release date June 5, 2010
Genre Sports Simulation
Age rating(s)
Platform(s) Microsoft Windows
Arcade system Arcade System Missing
Input Inputs Missing
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International Cricket Captain 2010 is the 2010 and the 13th edition of the International Cricket Captain series. It contains all current cricket players from first class cricket, Test cricket, List-A and One Day International teams, and can be played in a career mode indefinitely, with repeating domestic and international fixtures generated for each year, along with youth players continually added and other players retiring to enable an open-ended career as coach of a national or domestic side. The game features all teams and competitions from the English Domestic Season, International teams and competitions including the T20 World Cup and for the first time in the Cricket Captain series, all teams and competitions from the Australian Domestic Season.

Game features[edit | edit source]

improved hawkeye system.
File:Team selection.jpg
team selection in icc10.
  • Full schedule of limited overs and 20 over world cup fixtures, including the 20 over world cup game mode
  • New Australian domestic cricket circuit, including first class, one day and 20 over competitions
  • New English cricket competitions, including the 20 over league packed with overseas stars.
  • More aggressive and challenging match engine captures the modern game to perfection.
  • Play on-line with your English or Australian domestic team.
  • Sign reserve overseas players and specialist 20 over players
  • Improved vice-captain when skipping matches.
  • Complete database of every current first class, list-A limited overs and twenty over player from around the world (over 3000 players).
  • Comprehensive domestic and international fixture lists.
  • New sort and search database interface, including career strike rates for batsmen.
  • Accurate batsmen aggression ratings and improved player rating system
  • Long term test and ODI AI picks improved
  • Comprehensive domestic and international fixture lists.
  • New sort and search database interface, including career strike rates for batsmen.
  • Accurate batsmen aggression ratings and improved player rating system.
  • Long term test and ODI AI picks improved
  • AI bidding improvement to create more balanced teams and more competition for top players
  • Ability to declare during intervals
  • AI for close finishes and twenty over matches improved for more nail-biters
  • Batting aggression realism improved, to reflect real matche
  • Fielding engine enhanced to give greater accuracy and boost highlights watching
  • New in-game tips to help you master the game
  • Auto-simulation removes the need for clicking next over – sit back and relax as the cricket unfolds in front of your eyes

10.12 patch[edit | edit source]

  • Power-plays added on-line
  • Time-outs added to prevent on-line cheats
  • Updates to T20 WC squads
  • Fixed occasional bug after accepting Aus captaincy
  • Improved database with amendments from the forum
  • Added Flintoff injury at start of game
  • Power-plays added to network game
  • Improved squads for exhibition/series game modes
  • Correct average shown when hovering over player for 20 over
  • Removed salary/contract details for non English clubs and indicated 20 over only contracts
  • Competition winners screen shows correct teams for English season
  • Pro League details removed from County team selection screen
  • Aus competition winners shown on domestic tables screen
  • Date strings match progress bar on wait popup
  • Fix for Aus overseas players messages after leaving the state
  • Fix for follow on for university matches
  • Best bowling innings records fixed
  • On-line match stats fixed
  • No-ball rules updated

10.14 patch[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed test match follow on bug
  • Fixed players not returning from playing overseas
  • Reserve player only allowed in 20 over if main two unavailable
  • Return players to correct overseas FC teams after Eng FC
  • Player race set correctly for Aus reserves
  • Aggressive player training bug fixed
  • Harbajan Singh fix for WC teams
  • Database corrections
  • Removed network one day power-play due to conflicts when field invalid
  • Added 20 over debut year to player profile

10.18 patch[edit | edit source]

  • Bowler/Batsman balance adjusted for new youth players.
  • LBW pitch and strike position text display added.
  • All test tour squad sizes set to 18.
  • Squad selection AI balance improved (including contracts).
  • Strike rate and economy rate accuracy fix.
  • Correct 2010 Aus and Pakistan tour squad selection.
  • Database amendments (response to forum suggestions).
  • County FC bonus points for wickets at 120 no longer includes retired hurt (unless all-out).
  • Fix for recent Aus state T20 competition history update.
  • Fixed Aus test captaincy offer threshold.
  • Fix for squad re-selection in tours with long gaps.
  • World cup AI squad selection improved.
  • Fix for AI taking power-plays in the middle of an over when a wicket falls.

Game modes[edit | edit source]

There is four main game modes in International Cricket Captain 2010.

English career[edit | edit source]

Players choose to take control of one of the eighteen county sides and participates in the County Championship, Claysdale Bank 40 and Twenty20 Cup. After each season players take part in the transfer market recruiting new players for their side and they can choose one main overseas player, one reserve overseas player and two T20 overseas player which can only play in T20 matches.

Australian career[edit | edit source]

File:Austeam .jpg
an Australian career mode game in progress .

Players choose to take control of one of the six State sides and participates in Sheffield Shield, Ford Ranger One Day Cup and KFC Twenty20 Big Bash after each season players can choose new players in the transfer market and they get two randomly selected overseas player.

International career[edit | edit source]

Players choose one of the nine test playing teams and plays through their calendar of test matches, ODIs and T20s.

Playable teams[edit | edit source]

English domestic teams[edit | edit source]

Australian state teams[edit | edit source]

New South Wales Blues

Victorian Bushrangers

Western Warriors

Southern Redbacks

Queensland Bulls

Tasmanian Tigers

International teams[edit | edit source]

West Indies Cricket Board

Sri Lanka Cricket

Cricket South Africa

Pakistan Cricket Board

New Zealand Cricket

Board of Control for Cricket in India

England and Wales Cricket Board

Bangladesh Cricket Board

Cricket Australia

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