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IGG (formerly Internet Gaming Gate, now I Got Games) is an online game operator in North America run by the company of Skyunion Co., Ltd. Currently, IGG's business is primarily focused on operating free MMORPGs which would allow thousands of players to concurrently log on to network servers to "role-play" characters in a virtual world.

IGG has commercially launched Myth War Online in North America, and the second game, Voyage Century Online, was released on December 22, 2006. A third game, Tales of Pirates was released in closed beta on March 15, 2007, and was released in open beta March 30.[1][2] IGG has developed and released more games: Zu Online in October 2007, Angels Online in December 2007, Wonderland Online in March 2008, Gods War in November 2008, Aurora Blade in December 2008, Galaxy Online in March 2009, Freesky Online in May 2009, and 2029 Online in June 2009. Myth War Online has now been updated to Myth War II Online (commonly referred as Myth War Online II) and IGG is currently creating two more games: Lords Online and Dreamland Online.[3]

IGG's goal is to set itself in an interactive entertainment platform bringing as much fun as possible to all its registered members; to ensure all members can interact with thousands of others and enjoy an interactive game. IGG generates income through "item malls," in which players may pay real money for items in the game.[4] Item mall use is optional.

IGG has recently been the subject of controversy with the release of Aurora Blade.[5] The authenticity of the sprites used for the game are primarily in question.

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