Iridium Charge M

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Iridium Charge M
Basic Information
Item Category
Ammunition & Charges
Ammo/Charge Type
Hybrid Charge
Base Armor Damage
Base Shield Damage
Charge Size
0 kg
Range Bonus
20 %
Tech Level
Level 1
Used with (Launcher Group)
Hybrid Weapon
EVE Online-Volume.pngVolume
0.0125 m³
EM Damage- HP Thermal Damage6 HP Kinetic Damage8 HP Explosive Damage- HP
Skill Requirements
Tech I Variants
Iridium Charge M
Tech II Variants
Javelin M
Faction Variants
Caldari Navy Iridium Charge M
Dread Guristas Iridium Charge M
Federation Navy Iridium Charge M
Guardian Iridium Charge M
Guristas Iridium Charge M
Shadow Iridium Charge M
Used With (Tech I)
200mm Railgun I
250mm Railgun I
Dual 150mm Railgun I
Heavy Electron Blaster I
Heavy Ion Blaster I
Heavy Neutron Blaster I
200mm Carbide Railgun I
250mm Carbide Railgun I
Dual 150mm Carbide Railgun I
Regulated Electron Phase Cannon I
Regulated Ion Phase Cannon I
Regulated Neutron Phase Cannon I
200mm 'Scout' Accelerator Cannon
250mm 'Scout' Accelerator Cannon
Dual 150mm 'Scout' Accelerator Cannon
Limited Electron Blaster I
Limited Ion Blaster I
Limited Neutron Blaster I
200mm Compressed Coil Gun I
250mm Compressed Coil Gun I
Anode Electron Particle Cannon I
Anode Ion Particle Cannon I
Anode Neutron Particle Cannon I
Dual 150mm Compressed Coil Gun I
200mm Prototype Gauss Gun
250mm Prototype Gauss Gun
Dual 150mm Prototype Gauss Gun
Modal Electron Particle Accelerator I
Modal Ion Particle Accelerator I
Modal Neutron Particle Accelerator I
Used With (Tech II)
200mm Railgun II
250mm Railgun II
Dual 150mm Railgun II
Heavy Electron Blaster II
Heavy Ion Blaster II
Heavy Neutron Blaster II
Polarized Heavy Neutron Blaster
Used With (Storyline)
'Hooligan' Heavy Ion Blaster I
'Hustler' Heavy Neutron Blaster I
'Slither' Heavy Electron Blaster I
250mm 'Flintlock' Railgun
Used With (Faction)
Caldari Navy 200mm Railgun
Caldari Navy 250mm Railgun
Caldari Navy Dual 150mm Railgun
Dread Guristas 200mm Railgun
Dread Guristas 250mm Railgun
Dread Guristas Dual 150mm Railgun
Federation Navy 200mm Railgun
Federation Navy 250mm Railgun
Federation Navy Dual 150mm Railgun
Federation Navy Heavy Electron Blaster
Federation Navy Heavy Ion Blaster
Federation Navy Heavy Neutron Blaster
Shadow Serpentis 200mm Railgun
Shadow Serpentis 250mm Railgun
Shadow Serpentis Dual 150mm Railgun
Shadow Serpentis Heavy Electron Blaster
Shadow Serpentis Heavy Ion Blaster
Shadow Serpentis Heavy Neutron Blaster

Consists of two components: a shell of titanium and a core of iridium atoms suspended in plasma state. Railguns launch the shell directly, while particle blasters pump the plasma into a cyclotron and process the plasma into a bolt that is then fired.

  • 20% increased optimal range.
  • 24% reduced capacitor need.