Ironclads: American Civil War

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Ironclads: American Civil War
Basic Information
Video Game
Totem Games
Totem Games, Strategy First
Turn-based Strategy
Digital Download
Keyboard, Mouse
Microsoft Windows
Windows XP, Windows Vista
Retail Features
Technical Information
Oleg Ferapontov
Main Credits
Maxim Ferapontov
United Nations International Release Date(s)
October 2008
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Ironclads: American Civil War is a 3D naval historical turned-based strategy game based on the American Civil War.

The player operates a squadron of warships of the Confederate States of America Navy: broadside ironclads, ironclad rams, ironclad turret ships, monitors, sloops-of-war, gunboats and screw commerce raiders. The player is tasked with destroying the opponent's ships, coastal batteries and warehouses.

A lot of attention went into the details, historical accuracy and convenience of the interface. 3D models of the ships are based on archival drawings. Realistic ship to ship combat simulating the characteristics of each ship, including: damage, flooding, fires, destruction, armor values and guns.

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