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Islamic Fun is a controversial package of computer games targeted at Muslim children, developed by the UK-based firm Innovative Minds. All the games in the package involve answering a series of multiple choice questions on a range of Islamic themes. Three levels of questions are available, for children of 5–7 years, 8–10 years, and 11 years and older.

The game became controversial not only for the obvious anti-Zionism of "The Resistance", but also for some of the questions themselves, which seemed designed to promote an Islamist world view.

Examples included: "Mustafa Kemal, the hater of Islam, forbade the use of Arabic in Turkey, banned the hijab and closed down the Aya Sofya Mosque in Istanbul. Which is it?", and "Ignoring the hand over agreement, the Christians turned the beautiful Mosque of Córdoba, in Muslim Spain, into a Cathedral (1238). Which one is it??"

Included games[edit | edit source]

Tree Hop Correct answers enable a cat to retrieve its ball.
Two Bunny Race This is a game where two players can compete to make their bunny cross the finish line first.
Building Blocks Correct answers in this game obtain blocks for the player, which are used to construct a mosque.
Meow Tiles Help the cat uncover the image - what is this cute creature?
Fishing Bear Help the bear fish; he has five hungry guests to feed!
The Resistance This game depicts the player as a militant in South Lebanon. Correct answers to the questions gain rocks for the player, to be thrown at retreating Israeli tanks.
Happy Hijab Players must use wisdom and Muslim understanding to help Veena find her missing Hijab. The game is divided into four parts, each with a different Islamic theme.

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