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Isle Delfino map

Isle Delfino is a tropical paradise that Mario and Princess Peach vacation to in Super Mario Sunshine.

Locations[edit | edit source]

Delfino Airstrip[edit | edit source]

Delfino Airstrip is the small local airport where Princess Peach and Mario land in their airplane to start their vacation on Isle Delfino. The story also begins here, as this is where players are introduced to the concept of cleaning up the game's areas, as well as the introduction to the plot.

Delfino Plaza[edit | edit source]

Delfino Plaza

Delfino Plaza is the main city on Isle Delfino, and appears to function as the capital city of the island, as this is where Mario is put on trial for his crimes. The city is of debatable national origin, as everyone there speaks English but all of the street signs are clearly in Italian. This town is where Mario can access all other areas of the game and it is where the story is advanced also. Princess Peach is kidnapped from Delfino Plaza, and all of her Toad assistants remain here as well. Later in the story, the city is horribly flooded as a result of malfeasance on the part of Bowser.

Bianco Hills[edit | edit source]

Bianco Hills is a small village northwest of Delfino Plaza and seems to function as a suburb. The small village is famed for its windmills and also contains a lake and a large central windmill. The town is besieged by various evils during Mario's adventures there, including two devastating attacks by Piranha Plants. The village is nicknamed "Windmill Suburb".

Ricco Harbor[edit | edit source]

Ricco Harbor is an industrial area just off to the west of Delfino Plaza, and is a major shipping port. At any given time, several ships are in the harbor, shipping off various goods to the other parts of the island and, as would seem to be logical, to other parts of the world. A farmer's market is also found here. The harbor is attacked by a giant squid named Gooper Blooper on a few occasions.

Gelato Beach[edit | edit source]

Gelato Beach is a peaceful, eternally sunny beach in the middle of a large bay. Along with Pinna Park, it is the only course in the game which does not require the cleaning up of goop, but rather the completing of challenges. In the middle of the beach, there is an enormous tower devoted to capturing sunlight and using it to warm the egg of a giant bird.

Pinna Park[edit | edit source]

Pinna Park is actually on a separate island, but is very close to Isle Delfino and is separated from it by a small strait. There are actually two parts to Pinna Island, its small beach and the amusement park which takes up the rest of the island. The park must close when it is attacked by cannon-wielding Monty Moles, and it is completely disrupted when a gigantic mechanized Bowser robot attacks. Due to the electric koopas that are attacking it, the park is suffering from a lack of visitors.

Sirena Beach[edit | edit source]

Sirena Beach is another beach located on the far side of the bay from Delfino Plaza. A world-class hotel and a spectacular beach are here. According to the game, it is a favorite retreat for couples. The hotel is somewhat disrupted when attacked by large, manta ray-like ghosts and after you defeat the giant manta ray the hotel is over-run by Boo-ghosts.

Noki Bay[edit | edit source]

Noki Bay is on the far side of the island and is home to the Nokis, one of two races that live Isle Delfino. The first time Mario visits, the water is found to be horribly polluted and is dangerous to touch. The source of the pollution is found to be a gigantic underwater eel with gingivitis. According to the game, the gigantic waterfall is the main tourist attraction in the bay.

Pianta Village[edit | edit source]

Pianta Village is the ancestral home of the Piantas, the other of the two races who live on Isle Delfino. The most prominent feature of the world is that the entire village is built on a massive tree that extends its branches over a canyon that seems to be endlessly deep.

Corona Mountain[edit | edit source]

Corona Mountain is a large volcano in the middle of the island and it is where Mario's final battle takes place. Unlike most other areas, Corona Mountain is composed of one level that is, one trip through will complete the game.