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Gameplay Notes Special Mechanics Able to perform OASW by default at Kai Ni. Able to perform AACI at Kai Ni. Please see Anti-Air Cut-In for more details. Overview Kai

Average firepower, torpedo, ASW, HP and armour. Kai Ni

Average firepower, torpedo and HP. High ASW and armour. Fit Bonuses Visible Fit Bonus Hidden Fit Bonuses

She has accuracy and firepower bonuses when equipped with certain medium guns. Please see Gun Fit Bonuses for mode details. Analysis Isuzu Kai Priority: Low

At first remodel, she has decent Firepower and Torpedo stat, for a light cruiser, meaning she can do Artillery Spotting with okay-ish damage at day and pack a decent punch at night, too. Her ASW stat also allow her to perform OASW attacks with proper setup. Isuzu Kai Ni Priority: Medium-Low

Her second remodel actually decreases her anti-surface capabilities, granting her an AA stat boost but especially the best ASW stat of any light cruiser in game and the ability to execute said attack innately, albeit it won't do much damage unless she has actual ASW gear on her. As such, she's a natural choice to deal with enemy submarines. She also gain her own Anti-Air Cut-In setups, but those aren't really worth using over the genertic onces in almost any case.

Recommended Roles ASW Anti-air (Second remodel) Important Info Required for A63, A66, B55, B60, and B72.

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