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Basic walkthrough[edit | edit source]

  1. Start from 3F, try any of the stairs to discover water blocking the way.
  2. Walk South in the center corridor to trigger an event to notice Yuuko.
  3. Use any of the stairs to get down to 2F, and keep heading north. Once you find the teacher you'll be sent back to 3F.
  4. Go back to 2F to find a Fragment in the center of the corridor on the South side.
  5. Use the stairs in the South East or South West to get down to 1F, exit to the central courtyard and encounter a mud slime. Kayano joins your party.
  6. Use the other door in the central courtyard to go back into the building, and get up to 2F to find a Fragment.
  7. Go back to the central courtyard, then head South East to get to the gym area, head West for the tracks area, head North West for the inner courtyard, and head North for the cafeteria area.
  8. From the cafeteria area enter the school building again, and find a Fragment at 3F.
  9. Return to the cafeteria area, head South East for the pool area, then continue South East to enter the pool and fight the boss.

Detailed walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Map legend[edit | edit source]

  • Orange - Starting point
  • White - Recovery point (restores HP and SP)
  • Green - Event
  • Yellow - Treasure chest
  • Blue - Zone boundary
3F Map
2F Map
1F Map

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