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Jaguar Logo.gif
Basic Information
Home Console
Atari 7800
Jaguar II
Genesis and Super Nintendo Entertainment System
Over 300,000
Alien vs. Predator
Technical Information
Jaguar Cartridge
2 x 32-bit CPUs
CanadaUnited StatesMexico North American Release
November 181993
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The Jaguar was a video game console released in December 1993 by Atari. The system used cartridges, and was actually only 32 bits, but had two processors (Atari's logic was that 32 × 2 = 64, so a system with 2 × 32- bit processors = 64-bits). The Jaguar was looked upon by many as a disappointment due to its failure to bring many next-generation quality titles to its system, and some viewed its controller setup as ridiculous[citation needed]. The Atari Jaguar was the last of Atari's consoles before the Flashback came out in 2004

The setup of the controller.

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