Jakks Pacific's Spiderman

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  • Jakks Pacific’s Spider-Man has more than one Plug & Play.
  • The Spider-Man Plug & Plays are, Spider-Man Plug&Play, Spider-Man 2 Expperience Plug&Play, Spider-Man 3 Plug&Play, Spider-Man Jet Ski, Spider-Man Villian Round Up, Marvel Super Heroes, Spider-Man Web Master, & Spider-Man The Masked Menace.
  • The First Plug&Play has Five games in 1
  • The 2nd one has fists and kicks like a Karate Wii game. That’s why I called it Esperience.
  • Spider-Man Villain Roundup is the same as a Spider-Man Touch Screen game.
  • Spider-Man The Masked Menace is my favorate one because it has great soundtrack and musi.
  • Yet all of them are great Plug&Plays Infact their the greatest in my book.