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Jet Set Radio/Codes

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Jet Set Radio

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This game is referred to as Jet Set Radio in the United Kingdom, and Jet Grind Radio in the United states due to copyright problems with a radio station of the same name. For the Xbox game, see Jet Set Radio Future

Tips and Tricks[edit | edit source]

Hidden characters[edit | edit source]

Noise Tank[edit | edit source]

Complete all story levels in Benten with a JET ranking.

Love Shocker[edit | edit source]

Complete all story levels in Shibuya with a JET ranking.

Poison Jam[edit | edit source]

Complete all story levels in Kogane with a JET ranking.

Goji Rokakku[edit | edit source]

Complete all story levels in Grind City with a JET ranking.

Pots the dog[edit | edit source]

Attain all the above characters and then complete the game. When you re start the game in story mode, play "Monster of Kogane" before "Benten boogie". Play these levels again and attain a JET rank for both of them. After the latter level is completed, a noise tank will challenge you, and you can play as Pots the dog, after completing the challenge.

In-game extras[edit | edit source]

Tag Captain Onishima[edit | edit source]

If you run into onishima, you can tag him when he falls down, which will stop him from chasing you for around 2 minutes. Aternatively, you can tag him when you are behind him.

Tag helicopters[edit | edit source]

To tag helicopters, just make sure you are directly in front of them, and tag their main windscreen by pressing L. This will cause them to fire a few missiles at once before crashing and exploding.

Infinite Grind[edit | edit source]

General Tips on infinite grinds[edit | edit source]

  • If you're slowing down, jumping straight at corners of grinds, or jumping generally speeds you up.
  • There are variations of these grinds, but these are the basis of them all.
  • For more points, try to do switches as you're going from one rail to another; this can be done by moving the analog stick DOWN AND THEN UP IN A SINGLE MOTION before you jump. This can also be done whilst wall-riding, so it's a good idea to get some practice in as you can rack up about 6000 points in one run when you master such maneuvers. To find out how to do these, PLAY THE TUTORIAL LEVEL which can be accessed from the main menue of the game where you load your game.

Shibuya Part 1 - Shibuya Bus Terminal[edit | edit source]

Difficulty: EASY
  1. Start off at the far left-hand side of the level, and grind the first rail which is the very left-most part of the area; jump over the plant onto the other side.
  2. Jump up the rail onto the incline rail which leads up to another higher rail, and ride it just around the corner.
    1. You can either jump over 3 times across the gaps where stairs are.
    2. Or you can jump onto the left rail and grind it nice and easily.
  3. Jump onto the second to last rail leading downwards and grind it 1/2 of the way down.
  4. Jump towards the sign between the bus shelter roofs and wall-ride and then jump across the second roof onto the rail below.
  5. Grind the rail as far as you can and then jump straight on onto the rail in front of you.
  6. Grind this rail past the first car, then jump as you get half way past the van.
  7. Wall-ride the sign on the left, and then jump quickl onto the rail in front of you.
  8. Process repeats.

Shibuya Part 2 - Residential Area[edit | edit source]

Difficulty: VERY EASY
  1. Start off from the playground; the slide behind you, and the floor-tag also.
  2. Jump onto the rail which is to the left, and in between 2 staircases.
  3. Grind it all the way right, and then down.
  4. Jump from here to the far left staircase rail on the other side JUMPING DIAGONALLY TO THE LEFT.
  5. Follow the rail and then from that JUMP DIAGONALLY AGAIN to the far right rail and end where you started.


  1. Grind the rail in between 2 staircases to the left.
  2. Jump across the gapand grind the rail all the way around and down, almost the entire way to the bottom of the rail.
  3. Jump under the pylon, and onto the other side, then repeat.

Kogane Part 1 - Reidential Area[edit | edit source]

Difficulty: VERY HARD
  1. Start at the top of the staircase with a long drop down and a grind rail on your left, with an orange bridge in front of that.
  2. Grind the left bar, then jump high onto the top of the orange bridge rail.
  3. DO NOT JUMP, let the character drop onto the bar below.
  4. Grind this, and jump onto the fence and grind it around until you see the alleyway on your right, with the metal bars and the wire grind.
  5. Jump onto the pipe, and follow the grind around right to the end, near where a graffiti soul is.
  6. This is very difficult. jump just before you grind around into the wall, jump over to the grind rail you started off on. This isn difficult because you cant change camera, but just practice jumping and swinging right onto the bar. To do this you need a LOT of speed.
  7. Grind the bar forward, and jump on the small part of grey fence before the gap with leads onto the water tower.
  8. Grind the small gray fence and jump quickly onto the fence which goes around the water tower.
  9. Do some wallrides on the side of the water tower to gain up speed, then once you're all the way around, jump on the fence leading upwards to the right of the stairs.
  10. Jump from this onto the grind bar you started off on.

Kogane Part 2 - Scrapyard[edit | edit source]

  1. Start at the bottom half of the "bowl", which is the very bottom of the map.
  2. Sprint and grind to the right and jump up each step in the bowl, by tapping A lightly just before you are about to reach the jump-up.
  3. Continue this all the way around the bowl.
NOTE: This can be done EITHER WAY around the bowl, but going COUNTER CLOCKWISE (i.e - right) is easier, because you jump down the more difficult inclines in the step ups on the left.

Grind City Part 1 - City[edit | edit source]

Basketball Court #1[edit | edit source]


As you start the level, the basketball court is to your left over a fence and a way down from the building you're on top of. When you get down into the court, you'll see there's;


  1. On the right, a grind bar which stretches around the corner of the wall with an ACUTE/ACUE graffiti.
  2. On the left, a straight grind bar with 2 graffiti murals.
  3. Behind you, a THICK BLUE WALL
  4. In front, a basketball net & wooden back board.

This is the easiest way to do this variation; there are many other variations, but THIS IS EASIEST because of the more distinctive graffiti to be used as waypoints.

  1. Sprint at the straight bar on your right hand side from the very bottom.
  2. When you're 3/4 of the way up the ba, here's a pretty intricate graffiti mural, then next to it (after the bar) is another ACUE/ACUTE graffiti. Jump as soon as you get to the end of this graffiti mural.
  3. Jump at the thick blue wall towards the middle, and do a wall ride onto the left-side bar with a curl on it.
  4. Just as you go around the corner of the bartowards the corner of the wall, JUMP FOR THE BEGINNING OF THE ACUE/ACUTE GRAFFITI and WALL GRIND AND THEN JUMP TOWARDS THE MIDDLE OF THE BASKETBALL NET.
  5. QUICKLY wallgrind the basketball net and jump towards the bar you started off at.
Basketball Court #2[edit | edit source]

This is a little hybrid, but it works a lot easier than the one above, simply because it's a high flyer, which gives you a lot of speed.

  1. Start off at the right-hand rail and do a high wallride, so you land ON TOP OF THE THICK WALL and grind it.
  2. Jump quickly onto the hand rail which goes down into the court and ride it UP to just before the corner.
  3. Jump off and land/grind the fence rail which is directly in front of you.
  4. Grind that right around then drop down onto the rail with plenty of speed.
  5. Give a little grin, you've got a pretty decent trick down.
Playground[edit | edit source]


This is an pretty easy grind, you should have NO problms at all with this, and if you do, you need more practice.

  1. Go to the top right hand corner of the basketball area court; there's a graffiti tag in the air here and a gap between grind rails, as well as a very very sexy corner.
  2. Jump down the rail, and do a wall grind over the gap onto the other side.
  3. Grind around the other side and jump and wall grind across the gap to the other side.
  4. Continue going right up to the U shaped corner. If you want to build some speed up, jump towards the end of the corner.
  5. Jump from that corner onto the railings which are directly in front.
  6. Jump over the gap between them.
  7. When you get to the end, you'll see a bin on the corner of the building. Guess what, that stuff is grindable. So, grind it.
  8. Jump up the little step and grind the second bit.
  9. Jump at the corner you started with.