Jikkyou Keiba Simulation: Stable Star

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Jikkyou Keiba Simulation: Stable Star
Basic Information
Video Game
Konami Computer Entertainment Osaka
Super Famicom
Retail Features
Main Credits
Kayo Fujitani, Tsutomu Ogura and Kazuhiko Uehara
Satoshi Kishiwada, Minoru Toyota and Hideano Yamane
Japan Japanese Release Date(s)
Super Famicom
March 221996[1]
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Jikkyō Keiba Simulation: Stable Star (Japanese: 実況競馬シミュレーション ステイブルスター 〜厩舎物語〜 Live horse racing stables simulation Suteiburusuta story)[2] is a Super Famicom game released in 1996. It was only ever released in Japan.

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