John Romero's Daikatana/Walkthrough

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John Romero's Daikatana

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go through whole map, bearing right mostly, to the level transition.


Break ice under dragon statue and swim down to get Quad keystone. Keep turning right mostly to the map transition.


Go into the church, and after the cutscene turn left and you'll see a row of seats. Behind the seats is a door, where ladders and ropes lead up into the tower. Go out the window onto the roof below, and go over to the open window and drop down. Grab the purifier shard, and hit USE on the organ to open a trap door in the floor. Jump down, go through the room below, break the boards, and blow up the barrels to find the trigon keystone. Return back to the other room, and throw a switch on the post in order to raise up the ladder. Climb back up and out, get on the roof, and jump down to the ground.

Go around church. follow passage to graveyard. to the left of the second set of gates is a cross-shaped gravestone, just to the left and forward is a black gravestone where if you walk against it, it'll tilt forward and open the gates.

Go inside the crypt, stand on altar and steps will open to cellar. Go down, jump across gap, and go into where coffins are. Ahead is a coffin with another purifier shard; grab it, then go right way in back to get the third keystone.

Go all the way out and back to the church, then back to previous level.

E3M1b - part two

Back in town, keep turning left until you get back to dragon statue. Continue across, and in next area to the right a bit are some steps down. Take them to level transition.

E3M1a - part two

Go across bridge, up passage, through tunnel, and you'll get to the back of the church. Shoot the wheelbarrow, then shoot the barrels on the other side of the wall through the hole and they'll blow up, allowing you to get through. Put the keystones in and exit to PASSAGE.


Head out of the building, turn right and then right again, and attack the lower corner of the building where you see a space between the rock and the wood. Break out the wood and crouch through the gap, in order to snag some armor. Then get the silverclaw that's on the ground right before the first bridge. Just beyond that, if you jump into the waterfall to the right and swim down, you'll find gold armor. Swim all the way back to the building you started in to get out of the water, and continue over the bridge.

Down the tunnel and through the passage, you'll see a Lycanthir explode out of the rocks. Slash him with the silverclaw and snag the savegem. Up ahead is a fork: to the left you'll get some health, and then go back right. A chest is there that contains a random boost. Through the tunnel you'll see a path to the left and a waterwheel house across the river. Head left first.

You'll get to a broken bridge with a castle across the way. First, jump to the right onto the rock sticking out of the waterfall, and in the water you'll find the ballista. Go back, and using the ballista jump up onto the wall, then the edge of the roof of the guard building, and finally the point of the roof. Snag all the goodies up there, then do a running backwards ballista jump all the way across the water to the castle balcony. Once you get the stuff there, jump back down and return to the waterwheel.

Before entering the building, ballista jump onto the roof and head over to the wheel. You'll see a power boost in the window; jump over to it. Inside the room there is a savegem and some ammo. Cruise back out, jump down, and go inside the room for more stuff. Once back outside, head into the tunnel there.

Inside the tunnel, you can go across the rock bridge to the locked door in the wall where there is some health. Go back, head down the slope to the landing where you'll see health and ballista logs. Back up, then head right and descend lower through the cave. Climb down the ladder, make sure the sidekicks follow you, and cross the rock bridge that has a piece of the Purifier. Soon after you'll exit the level.


As submitted to PDK by Jonathan Ridings. Thanks man!


You start in a cave. Walk forward and when you see some lava on your right go over the brigde a litte further away. Then Continue on the other side until you'll come to some stairs. Go up and kill the dwarfaxethrower on your lef that will appear. You'll see a big hole infront of you so watch your step. Jump to the first door and draw the switch. This will open the door. Go in and destroy the wall that is already broken. Then go near the wall until you'll come to another broken wall. Destroy this to and you'll come to a new room. Go up the plank and crouch forward until the floor will break. Then go out and open the door next to the one you emerged from. Now Superfly can come out to. Open the big door infront of you and kill the werewolf (Ok its called Lychanthir but I like it as a Werewolf!) Open the door left of you and go forward. Part 1 complete!


Open the door infront of you with the switch next to it. Go around the "tower" infront of you and into the hallway. Take left or right and open each of the four doors for goodies and experience. Now behind you is a switch. Draw it and go back to the front of the tower. Go in and up the stairs. Open the door and take right. Open the chest infront of you and open the bars on each side of you for goodies. Inside one of the bars there's a hallway. Go trough and crouch through the hole in the wall and open the door. Take left and walk next to the three big bars. Continue forward and you'll come to some bars with a lot of monsters trapped behind. kill them and open the bars. Take the purifier piece. Draw the wheel and now the three big bars are opened. Go up and you'll come to three cages with monsters and armor in. Take the armor but beware! If you stand to long on it is will open a trap door and you will fall down to some lava! No open the door in the cage room. and take the path that starts to your right. When you've gone all the way to the top move to the opposite side of the big room. Theres some stairs. Go down all the stairs until you come to a big room with some bars at the end of the room. Leave superfly here and wait next to the other bars. If the bars are open and you don't see any big grey thing moving up next to the wall wait until the bars close again and you will here a typical quake 1 sound. Now go through and get infront of the big sword moving up and down. When you've gotten up open the bars on your right and let yourself fall down. Now open the bars here to and let Superfly in. Take the big door to your left and go through. Part 2 complete!!


Open the door. Infront of you is some big bars. You can take left or right but witch way you choose you come to a room with a wheel. Draw the wheel and now do the same thing on the opposite side (ex. If you took Left first now do the same on the right side). Now some bars will open next to the rooms with the wheels. Go through and you will come to a third "wheel room". Draw the wheel. Now the big bars you stood infront of in the beginning is opened. In there there's a big platform with a small platform in the middle. There a wizard will appear. Kill him and wait until a spiral path will appear. Take his staff and go uo the path. Kill all the enemies and take the ammo and health in the room and continue to the stairs. Go up and go around the big tower in the middle and in the hallway. Here some traps will fall down from the ceiling so keep it near the walls. Walk through the big hallway and up the new stairs. Here there's some holes in the floors that may be a trouble for superfly. But when you get through go up the new small stairs and walk on until you come to the big tower again but one level higher here enter the hallway. When you come to a big hole in the middle of the floor and superfly says that hes gonna stay here jump over using the rocks. Then pull the switch so some bars will appear so Superfly can come through. Now walk up the stairs and you'll come to a room with enemies and ammo. Take all health and ammo and continue. Soon you will come to the tower again but one lever higher. Now open the door and walk up the stairs to the new door. Part 3 complete!



Turn right and go the doorway, following the linear passageway. Beware of acid-spitting bats. You'll stumble across a campfire with dwarves guarding some armor. Whack them and claim it for your own. Continue through the passage and emerge onto a frozen moat in front of Wyndrax Tower. (If you have trouble walking on the ice, jump and use the air-control to change your direction of travel.) Bear right on the ice and go up the spiral staircase. At the top you'll come across a box. "Use" it to open it, but beware; it'll either give you a random power-up or explode. Turn right and pick up the Purifier Shard, then push the indestructable barrel off the bridge to break the ice.

Jump down into the water (the cold water WILL damage you over time, even for a few seconds after you get out, just like poison) and swim through the broken grate. Turn right and go down the ice tunnel for a secret. Swim back up the ice tunnel, past the broken grate, and then hop up out of a second hole in the ice. Climb the ladder and "use" the lever to lower the drawbridge. Turn back to the ladder, but instead of climbing back down hop over the wall and go back up the spiral staircase to rejoin Superfly.

When you cross the drawbridge and enter the door, it will slam shut behind you and cut you off from Superfly. You'll be attacked by Lycanthir's, so whip out the Silverclaw and let 'em have it. Go through the open door, up the spiral staircase (fighting off rats) and push the button. Turn around and hop down the well for a not-secret (it doesn't get counted as one, for some reason), then swim through the tunnel and climb up the ladder. Turn left and grab Superfly, then turn around and go back up the wide, outdoor staircase. There are Lycanthirs and this bruiser, so be careful. There's another secret in the second section of water (on the right), as well; get out of the water by way of another ladder. (You may want to have Superfly "Stay" in the circular room, dash out and get the power-up, then take out the dragon after you've emerged from the secret-room.) Kill the archer across the way, and Ballista-jump to his station to claim the Lava Rock ammunition for Stavros' Stave. B-jump back to the stairs, and wipe out the Hell Knights at the top landing.

Go to the top of the tower and don the Black Adamant armor. Squeeze through the ramparts and hop onto the longer block slab. Kill the enemies on the far side of it, go through the archway, "use" the door at the end, and snag the power-up from the room. Backtrack through the door, again; from there, you can either Ballista-jump to the long block slab, or you can drop through the ramparts again, then down to the stairs and make your way back up to the landing. Go into the tower, and go down first. Kill some rats'n'bats, make Superfly "Stay," and take the elevator down. Do the electric boogie by crouching and walking directly through the middle of the hallway. Pick up the Crypt Key, and go all the way back up the elevator. Go around the other side of the tower and "use" the obvious keyhole to complete the map.


This map is much shorter, and not as confusing as it looks; whenever you can choose between two doorways to go through, they both end up in the same place. Start by going down the staircase to your immediate right. Kick some rats'n'bats around as you make your way to a second staircase. Here, watch out for archers, Hell Knights, and Lycanthirs. Make sure that you pick up both the Wyndrax Key and Wyndax's Spellbook. Go back to the map starting point.

Go left from the start and continue past the door on your right until you find the lock for the Wyndrax Key. "Use" the lock to open the door you just passed. In the alcove above the massive bug-zapper, go around to the altar on the other side and "use" it to read the spellbook and summon Wyndrax. Hop down and go to town on Wyndrax. He starts by shooting dual lighting bolts at you; when you get him down to 1/2 health, he'll throw 3 Wyndrax's Wisp thingies at you (which are powerful and home slowly on you, so be careful), then open a secret passageway behind a bookshelf and run like Gwogthe wussboy he is. Those Wisps last quite some time (longer than they do in DM or after you get the weapon for yourself), so don't stick around to admire their colored lighting; run like hell down the passageway, behind Wyndrax. When you make it outside, finish off Wyndrax ASAP. (As I discovered while writing this walkthrough, if you stick around in the chamber long enough without following him he'll come back up the passageway after you. What was that about stupid AI?)

Editor's Note: It appears as though the infamous "Wyndrax crash bug" (the game crashing when finally killing Wyndrax) from 1.0 can still rear its head if you're playing in Win2k, so be forewarned.

Pick up Wyndrax's Wisp, and then head left past all the trees (don't forget Superfly, if you parked him somewhere) to exit the level.



As submitted to PDK by Jonathan Ridings. Thanks man!

Part 1

Enter the crypt and walk down the stairs. Open the chest and take the stairway down to the small room. Kill the Lycanthir and take the piece of the purifier. Now a hole will open in the floor near you. Walk down and you will come to a huge cave. Jump from pillar to pillar to the opposite side of the lava pool. Go on and enter the door. Go to the opposite side of the room and enter the door and go up the small stairs and go out to the next cave.(Here is a secret: behind one of the tomb stones is an Acro Powerup).

Kill all the enemies and go to the next room. Walk up the stairs and you will come to another room. Walk to the opposite side and soon you will come to yet another room. This room is wide and has some enemies in it, mostly Hellknights and Voltaic Valkyries. Kill them and continue to the next big room. Here you will face Nharre. Kill him with the ballista or the Daikatana. Everytime you damage him he will teleport. He also summons enemies.

When he is dead go through the hallway until you come to a cave. There will be a big demon in a lava pool in here. He wont do anything, so just walk up in front of him and take the last piece of the Purifier. Walk up to the ruins and exit the map at the big wooden gate.



You'll spend this first section jumping from rock to rock. Note that the ones bobbing up and down will disappear into the lava a few seconds after you jump on them. You'll have to start jumping on the rocks and head left. Follow the cave around until you get to the lever set in the rocks. Ignore the doorway blocked by the vertical bars, and pull the lever. Jump on the rotating platform when it appears.

Ride the platform up, and basically every time it stops get off, kill everything, and follow the passage up until you find the switches to make the platform go up to the next level. Continue on until it gets to the top, and go to the door where you throw a lever to bring the sidekicks up.

Continue on, and go through the door you'll eventually see. Climb up, and you'll go into Gharroth's Throne room. After the cutscene start slamming him, and chances are you can beat him down super quick (unless you put all your stat points into Acro, dumbass :P). If necessary, there is a section below the throne level with ammo and stuff.