John Saul's Blackstone Chronicles

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John Saul's Blackstone Chronicles: An Adventure in Terror is a 1998 computer adventure game developed by Legend Entertainment and Red Orb Entertainment, and published by Mindscape.

The game is based on serial novels that were written by John Saul, titled Blackstone Chronicles.

A sequel to the novels, the game takes place several years after the sixth book, and continues the story of Oliver Metcalf, his family, and the town of Blackstone.

The game starts with Oliver arriving at the Blackstone Asylum, which has been purchased and is being turned into a Museum of Psychiatric History. That doesn't sit well with Malcolm Metcalf, Oliver's father and last superintendent of the Asylum, who died some forty years before. All of the activity involved in transforming the Asylum has awakened its residents. For reasons not yet known to Oliver or the player, his father has taken his son, Joshua, and hidden him somewhere in the Asylum, apparently to coerce Oliver there.

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