Journal of Arteno Geth (NWN)

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Journal of Arteno Geth
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Neverwinter Nights

This is the journal of a minor wizard in the Arcane Brotherhood, Arteno Geth. His notes are sporadic and personal, detailing his dislike of certain tutors, his tribulations in learning certain magics, and his suspicions over Maugrim.

His most recent entry is the one of greatest relevence:

"I should never have joined Rimardo. The Archmage disappeared almost as soon as Maugrum begin his campaign in the tower... meaning we were left to fend for ourselves. None of us thought that the main's influence was spread so deeply. Yes it was. After all of the fighting was done, I found myself on the losing side. So now I must slave away with Rimardo on these bloody golems.

"Today I finished work on the replication rod, though I surely shell receive no congratulations for it. When it is placed together with the control rod in the replication chamber, the magics start an automatic creation cycle... a golem is formed in a fraction of the time it would have taken. It is powerful as well... I've told Rimardo several times that we should be careful to retain control over these golems, lest they break through the magical barrier around the inner sanctum here.

"He doesn't heed my warnings, naturally. Bah! I would do anything not to have to slave away for that fool Maugrim anymore!