Journal of Meldanen (NWN)

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Journal of Meldanen
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Neverwinter Nights

This book is full of tightly-scripted dates and notes, a journal kept by the wizard Meldanen. Most entries are short and to the point, regarding his various magical experiments and some of the creatures he has paid to have smuggled into the city for his examination.

Most recently, however, his entries become much more interesting:

Excerpt[edit | edit source]

The gods have smiled on my destiny. I had heard a little about the creatures being brought to the city from Waterdeep, but thought little of my chances of even laying eyes upon them. Low and behold, however, I discovered a dryad from that very shipment wandering the streets of the district, lost and frightened, after the battle in the Academy. It was glad enough to accompany me and I have caged it for the moment until I decide what to do with it.

Excerpt (the following day)[edit | edit source]

I have decided to experiment upon this dryad and find a cure for this plague on my own. Think of all the gold the panicked nobles of this city would offer for a cure! It is too bad that the dryad must be sacrificed, however... she is comely, if inhuman.

Excerpt (Several Days Later)[edit | edit source]

In cannot get that dryad out of my mind. Thoughts of her are with my always. Today I attempted to draw blood from her to fuel my experiment and found I could not hurt her even that much. Has she enchanted me? Or am I simply lonely for such beauty? I cannot think clearly. Still she recoils from my touch... I must win her love, I must! I will not release her from the cage until she feels as I do!