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Jump 'n Bump
Basic Information
Video Game
Brainchild Design
Brainchild Design
Keyboard, Mouse, Joystick
MS-DOS, Microsoft Windows, GNU/Linux, macOS, FreeBSD, GP32, BeOS, PlayStation 2, Xbox and RISC OS
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Jump 'n Bump(not to be confused with Bump 'n' Jump) is a 1998 freeware MS-DOS platform video game, written in C and Assembly language by Brainchild Design. The source code was released in 1999, and the game has since been ported to a number of other operating systems, with the release of a SDL version.

The graphics were made with Deluxe Paint 2 and Paint Shop Pro 5. The music was made with Fast Tracker 2.

Jump 'n Bump has no plot, other than that it involves up to 4 rabbits: Dott, Jiffy, Fizz, and Mijji, trying to hop onto each other's heads to squish each other and score a point, while sending gibs flying everywhere. The rabbits are controlled by players on the same computer, using the keyboard, mouse, and/or joystick.

Although the players' scores are tracked, the game continues indefinitely until it is ended by the players. The game proved to be addictive and had several fan sites on the web, with dedicated players designing levels of their own and posting them for all to use.

Brainchild Design has since become inactive. Their website currently refers to Bitbliss Studios for more games.

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