Justice League Task Force

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Justice League Task Force
Basic Information
Video Game
Blizzard Entertainment
Acclaim Entertainment
Acclaim Distribution
Mega Drive, Genesis and SNES
Microsoft Windows
Retail Features
Justice League Task Force
Technical Information
Main Credits
Matt Uelmen
CanadaUnited StatesMexico North American Release Date(s)
Japan Japanese Release Date(s)
October 271995
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Justice League Task Force is a Super NES and Sega Mega Drive/Genesis tournament fighting game developed by Blizzard Entertainment and published by Acclaim in 1995.

It involves characters from DC Comics' Justice League. For this game, the characters are all from titles including Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Arrow, The Flash, and Aquaman.

The game style is the versus fighting game genre, akin to the Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat series.

Cast[edit | edit source]



Story[edit | edit source]

Screen capture of a typical round of the game.

Darkseid attacks the planet Earth, destroying a military base in the process. A member of the Justice League (that the player chooses to play as) tracks down the other members for information and aid only to be attacked by those heroes in their related locations.

As the hero defeats the other JL members, they deduce that the others aren't the real leaguers, but rather android clones. Coming to this conclusion, the hero battles Cheetah and then Despero for more information.

They both lead the hero to Darkseid, who then forces the hero to fight their android clone. Upon defeating the clone, the hero must face Darkseid himself.

After the hero defeats him, the other League members are freed, and the military base is restored.

Locations[edit | edit source]

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