Kaan: Barbarian's Blade

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Kaan: Barbarian's Blade
Basic Information
Video Game
Eko Software SARL
DreamCatcher Interactive
Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 2
Retail Minimum Specifications
Intel-logo.svg Pentium III 500 MHz
64 MiB
Graphics RAM
16 MiB
HDD Space
600 MiB
United Kingdom British Release Date(s)
Microsoft Windows
November 112002

PlayStation 2
February 132004
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Kaan: Barbarian's Blade is a third-person action video game. The game was released for Windows based PCs in 2003. It was developed by Eko Software SARL and published by DreamCatcher Interactive.

The game has 17 levels, where a young barbarian warrior Kaan must recover the orb of Hope from Tothum Siptet, a sorcerer with evil powers.

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