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Kalypso Media
(Kalypso Media Group)
Basic Information
Company Type
Games publisher & developer
Interactive entertainment

Kalypso Media is a German publisher and marketer of video games. Founded in summer 2006 by industry veterans Simon Hellwig and Stefan Marcinek, the company has published a number of successful titles such as the European version of Sins of a Solar Empire.

Kalypso Media today have publishing offices in Germany (Kalypso Media GmbH in Worms - Kalypso's Headquarters), Great Britain (Kalypso Media UK Ltd. in Bracknell) and in North America (Kalypso Media USA Inc. in Ridgewood, New Jersey). The online distribution is organized by the Kalypso Media Digital Ltd in UK, Bracknell. Kalypso also owns two developments studios, Realmforge Studios which is based in Munich and Gaming Minds Studios, which is located in Gütersloh.

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