Karkurenbo Battle Monster Tactics

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Karkurenbo Battle Monster Tactics
Basic Information
Video Game
Tactical RPG
Game Boy Color Cartridge
Game Boy Color
Retail Features
Japan Japanese Release Date(s)
Game Boy Color
November 212000
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Kakurenbo Battle Monster Tactics (かくれんぼバトルモンスタータクティクス lit. Hide and Seek Battle Monster Tactics?), sometimes simply called Monster Tactics (モンスタータクティクス?), is a video game software developed by Spiral and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo Game Boy Color on November 21, 2000 in Japan. During its first announcement, it was titled as Kakurenbo Battle RPG (かくれんぼバトルRPG lit. Hide and Seek Battle RPG?).

Brief information[edit | edit source]

Players take control of a young trainee monster hunter named Kevin (クビン Kubin?) who has been cast to the Iraldi Kingdom to defeat all of the monsters that are running amok there. Later, he got two partners joining in with his journey: Kaen (カエン?) and Tarren (ターレン?).

Due to the world of Iraldi being shrouded in darkness, players must use a flashlight to guide themselves into it. Monsters are hidden in the darkness and must be found before battles begin; however, players have a skill level that lets them determine whether it is a good idea to fight a monster or not. The MonTac Skill scanner can allow players to find out a monster's skill, and then prepare themselves to battle it with skill rings.

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