Karma II

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Karma II
Basic Information
Video Game
Dragonfly, [[Futureport]][[Category:Futureport]], [[Blueside]][[Category:Blueside]]
First-Person Shooter
Microsoft Windows
KGRB: 15
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Karma: Operation Barbarossa(Korean: 카르마2, and also known as Karma 2) is A free online First Person Shooter game developed by Dragonfly, Futureport, and Blueside, and it is distributed by Dragonfly. It is the sequel to Karma Online, which was the first online First Person Shooter game in South Korea.

Story[edit | edit source]

In the year of 1941, Germany conquered most of the continent of Europe and the Soviet Union fight back against the ever expanding Germany. Karma II is based on this nonfictional story about World War II.

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