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Keio Flying Squadron (series)

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For other uses, see Keio (disambiguation).

Comprising three separate games, the Keio Flying Squadron series of games (known as "Keio Yuugekitai" in Japan) were released for the Sega Mega-CD (Mega CD in Japan) console, Sega Saturn console, and PlayStation console in chronological order respectively. Developed and published by Victor Entertainment, Inc., each game was primarily a different genre - 2D shooter, platformer, and "party" dice game. Players assumed the role of Rami Nana-Hikari, a young 14-year-old girl and newly appointed Keeper of the Secret Treasure, a sphere that unlocks a gold reserve set deep in a mountain. The games reference Japanese culture, both ancient and modern simultaneously, and feature frenetic and non-sensical gameplay.

Games[edit | edit source]

  • Keio Yuugekitai (慶応遊撃隊)\ Keio Flying Squadron (1994 - Sega CD \ Sega Mega CD - Released in Europe, Japan and the United States)
  • Keio Yuugekitai Katsugekihen (慶応遊撃隊 活劇編)\ Keio Flying Squadron 2 (1996 - Sega Saturn - Released in Europe and Japan)
  • Keio Yuugekitai Okiraku Tamatebako (慶応遊撃隊 お気楽玉手箱) (1996 - Sega Saturn - Japan only omake/demo cd)
  • Rami-chan no Oedo Sugoroku -Keio Yuugekitai Gaiden- (蘭未ちゃんの大江戸すごろく慶応遊撃隊外伝) (1998 - Sony PlayStation - Released in Japan)

Keio Flying Squadron \ Keio Yuugekitai[edit | edit source]

Released in 1994 for the Sega CD (Mega CD in Japan), the first game of the series had a simple shoot-'em-up style of play. The game consisted of Rami riding on top of Pochi, who could shoot fireballs at enemies. While Pochi was not firing, two smaller dragons, (Companion fighters), appeared one after another to assist Rami and Spot. The lesser dragons shot smaller fireballs and could be sacrificed to do large damage, only to reappear while Pochi ceased to shoot.

In Europe, a demo of the first level of this game was provided by Sega Pro Magazine. The game ended after the first level, but it turned out that the whole game was actually on the disc, accessible by using a level-select cheat to skip to the second level, and the continuing through the game.

Keio Flying Squadron 2 \ Keio Yuugekitai Katsugekihen[edit | edit source]

Keio Flying Squadron 2 was released in Japan, Europe and Australia and was critically regarded as a fantastic example of Sega Saturn platform games and is generally considered the highest-acclaimed game to have come out of the Keio Flying Squadron series.

In the second installation of the series the story of Rami's adventures as the Keeper of the Secret Treasure (a sphere passed down through generations of Rami's family) is continued as she races Dr. Pon and a new rival Himiko Yamatai for an ancient treasure that can be unlocked with six spheres. Two of the stages retained the shoot-'em-up style of the first game, however the lesser dragons could be obtained as bonuses only.

Mainly the stages consisted of sidescrolling platformer type stages. They scrolled from right to left on the Japanese version and left to right on all other versions. Several bonuses could be collected including three weapons.

  • A large mallet, used only for hitting enemies
  • An umbrella, used to hit enemies, float and deflect overhead obstacles
  • A bow, used to arc arrows at enemies

Rami could also bounce on enemies' heads to defeat them.

Besides the platformer and shoot-'em-up stages, there were vertically scrolling special stages, an underwater stage and a rollercoaster stage making the game a multi-genre platformer.

Points spheres could be collect throughout the game and a reward system accessed from the main menu unlocked helpful hints and behind the scenes extras depending on the highest and lowest scores achieved through playing.

Keio Yuugekitai Okiraku Tamatebako[edit | edit source]

Not actually a part of the game series, this game was a "not for resale" Saturn disc available in Japan (serial number: 610-6321-01). This item had higher quality versions of both the opening FMV and ending movies of the first game, and also featured demo levels from the second episode as well as an art gallery being available both ingame and separately accessible on the CD via a personal computer.

Rami-chan no Oedo Sugoroku -Keio Yuugekitai Gaiden-[edit | edit source]

The final game at this point in the Keio Flying Squadron series was a party game that was released on the Sony PlayStation on 17 September 1998. The title roughly translates to "Rami-chan's Big Edo Sugoroku - a Keio Yuugekitai Sidestory-" (note that Edo is the old name of Tokyo) - no official English title is available, as the game was a Japan-only release.

Characters[edit | edit source]

Japanese names are given in the western order, given name first.

Rami Nana-hikari

Grandchild of an ancient family with the mission of guarding the key that opens the Ark, Rami wears the traditional Kimono at the beginning of the first game, and later changes into the "Super Ultra Cute Battle Suit" that is nothing more than a bunny girl costume, complete with bunny ears and tail. In the English version of the games she is said to be an adult perhaps to avoid controversy over the attire that the protagonist wears. Since her birthday is known and the Keio era ends in 1868, it is impossible for her to be an adult.

  • Born in Ohtakigawa village in Saitama prefecture, Japan.
  • Birthday is the 22 August 1853.
  • Height 144 cm
  • Weight 38 kg
  • Blood type is B+
  • Enjoys Skiing and Karaoke
  • Voiced by Miho Kanno

Pochi Rami's pet, always loyal but as lazy as its owner. Pochi has no problems with flying and Shooting fireballs.

Pochi is called Spot in English releases of the series

Himiko Yamatai

Rami's rival, first appearing in Keio Flying Squadron 2, is a princess who claims the spheres rightfully belong to her royal family. She pilots robots called Psy-vee. Himiko is a year younger than Rami according to the English manual of Keio Flying Squadron 2 which would make her 13.

  • Born in Amaki City, in Fukuoka prefecture, Japan.
  • Birthday is 12 March 1854.
  • Height 149 cm
  • Weight 43 kg.
  • Blood type is A+
  • Enjoys tropical fish and thrill rides.
  • Voiced by Kanai Mika

Dr. Pon Eho

A super intelligent racoon that stole Rami's sphere from her. His IQ is 1400. Strangely, he is a member of Greenpeace.

  • Born in Yucatán Peninsula, Mexico.
  • Birthday is around 3000 BC
  • Height 128 cm
  • Weight 62 kg
  • Blood type is O-
  • Enjoys playing Go and fishing
  • Voiced by Yanami Joji

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