KenamicK Entertainment

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KenamicK Entertainment
Basic Information
Basic Information
Company Type
Desktop Defender series
Computer and video game industry
Key People
Petar Petrov (founder),
Dimitar Ivanov (co-founder)

KenamicK Entertinament is a Bulgarian independent computer game developer. It was founded in the beginning of 1998, concentrated on amateur electronic music productions and computer demoscene. Later in the year of 2000, Petar Petrov has released the shoot 'em up game Desktop Defender and in the beginning of the year 2002, Petar Petrov and Dimitar Ivanov started working on the title Desktop Defender II:Battle for Existence. That title was released in the late 2003, after which Petar began working on the arcade engine for SavageWheels. All titles by KenamicK Entertainment are 100% freeware and the team intends to continue it's freeware game development policy.