Kevin Keegan's Player Manager

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Kevin Keegan's Player Manager
Kevin Keegan's Player Manager cover art
Basic Information
Video Game
4-megabit cartridge[3]
Super Nintendo Entertainment System
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Kevin Keegan's Player Manager is a Super Nintendo Entertainment System football (soccer) game where the player takes a football team and manages them to win games and eventually the championship. The player does not control each individual team member directly. Instead, he designs plays and acquires players from other teams in order to make the perfect team. Kevin Keegan was one of the more popular football managers during the 1990s. The graphics were considered minimalist in contrast to games released in North America and that is why the game was never released there.

The game was written by Steve Screech for Anco Software in the UK and Imagineer in Japan.

It was simple to play and was very quick;[citation needed] it was possible to complete a season in just two hours. There were only forty-eight teams in a three division structure. When the game began, the 'Kevin Keegan' character was a 28-year-old. When he becomes 35 years old at the end of the 2000 season and declares his retirement, it becomes impossible to control the players during a match from that point onwards. It would also be impossible to control the players if he missed a game to injury or being put in reserves. After a few more seasons, however you could sign his nephew or other family member and you are then again able to control the players on the pitch. This aspect of the game makes interactivity with the players on the field very difficult as compared to a modern football simulation like FIFA 08, where users can control their players at all times.

The game is still good fun and has some decent features which are evident in today's football management games, like training, scouting and newspaper reports. If you still play the game, a tip is that using 3H at the start up screen has the best team with all players being either a star or yellow ball rating.

Another if you change your team to a club name which is already on the game the other team will be "Anco United".

The two cup competitions where the Misara Cup and Premier Cup.

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