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Basic Information
Video Game
Piano Keyboard (24 keys);
Effector wheel
Retail Features
Play Information
Arcade Specifications
Raster, standard resolution, horizontal, two 19 inch monitors
Japan Japanese Release Date(s)
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Keyboardmania (alternately KEYBOARD MANIA, and abbreviated KBM) is a rhythm video game created by the Bemani division of Konami. In this game up to two players use 24-key keyboards to play the piano or keyboard part of a selected song. Notes are represented on-screen by small bars that scroll downward above an image of the keyboard itself. The goal is to play the matching key when a note bar descends to the red play point line. The arcade cabinet has two screens - one for each player.

There is also a simulator called DoReMi Mania [1], which uses *.pms files. However, players can use a midi-to-pms converter to simplify editing.

Arcade Release[edit | edit source]

Keyboardmania has three Japanese arcade releases.

  • Keyboardmania [Released Q1 2000]
  • Keyboardheaven [Released Q1 2000] : Korean release edition of Keyboardmania (1stMIX).
  • Keyboardmania 2ndMIX [Released Q3 2000]
  • Keyboardmania 3rdMIX [Released Q1 2001]

Super Linking Session[edit | edit source]

Keyboardmania 3rdMIX has a linking feature with Drummania 4thMIX/GUITARFREAKS 5thMIX and Drummania 5thMIX/GUITARFREAKS 6thMIX with a dozen songs.

Home Version[edit | edit source]

Keyboardmania has 2 home versions for PlayStation 2.

  • Keyboardmania [Released 9/21/2000]
  • Keyboardmania II (2ndMIX & 3rdMIX) [Released 2/28/2002]

The Home Version of keyboardmania has Modified controller similar to the Arcade keys.

One other notable version is for Windows PCs and it is shipped with the Yamaha EZ-250i Keyboard, which is used to play [Released Q2 2003] .

Notable songs[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Since there are 24 keys, the range is C3-B4

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