Kid Klown in Night Mayor World

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Kid Klown in Night Mayor World
Kid Klown.jpg
Basic Information
Video Game
2D Platform
Retail Features
United States American Release Date(s)
Nintendo Entertainment System
April 1993
Japan Japanese Release Date(s)
Family Computer
September 251992
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Kid Klown in Night Mayor World, known in Japan as Mickey Mouse III: Yume Fuusenミッキーマウス3 夢ふうせん (lit. "Mickey Mouse III: Dream Balloon"?), is a platform game for the Nintendo Entertainment System released in April, 1993. It was developed and published by Kemco. It is the first game in the Kid Klown series Kid Klown was originally a Mickey Mouse game in Japan. Released as part of the mostly Game Boy Mickey Mouse series, Mickey Mouse III: Dream Balloon was released in September 1992 by Kemco in Japan for the Famicom. Due to copyright issues, it was changed to Kid Klown in Night Mayor World for its US release. Other games in the Kid Klown series include Kid Klown in Crazy Chase for the Super Nintendo (also released for Game Boy Advance simply as Crazy Chase, the Japan-exclusive Kid Klown in Crazy Chase 2: Love Love Hani Soudatsusen for Sony PlayStation, Soreike! Kid: Go! Go! Kid for the Original Game Boy (later re-released in Game Boy color as Bugs Bunny in Crazy Castle 3) and The Bombing Islands (Also ported for N64 as Charlie Blast's Territory) for the PlayStation.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Kid Klown and his family are on their way to perform in a circus when they meet the magician Night Mayor. He asks Kid Klown to help him open a treasure vault, but Kid Klown, having been warned about the evil magician by his parents, refuses. Not willing to give up so easily, Night Mayor kidnaps Kid Klown's family and dares him to follow him into his world if he ever wants to see his family again.

Game play[edit | edit source]

The player character, Kid Klown, carries balloons with which he can attack, jump higher, or float. Including the introduction level, there are seven levels throughout the game, each with its own unique theme. At the every end of each level, there is a bonus stage. The player is able to collect extra lives and extra energy in the bonus stage.

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