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Basic Information
Video Game
Frontier Developments
Microsoft Game Studios
Virtual Pet
Xbox 360
Main Credits
David Braben
European Union European Release Date(s)
Xbox 360
November 192010
CanadaUnited StatesMexico North American Release Date(s)
Xbox 360
November 42010
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Summary[edit | edit source]

Kinectimals is an upcoming video game for the Xbox 360 that uses Kinect. In Kinectimals players can interact with virtual animals in a manner akin to pets, gameplay includes activities such as teaching tricks to the animal, guiding the animal around an obstacle course, and free-form play for example hide and seek.

The video game is aimed at a young audience, particularly children, and is planned to include five different virtual animals all based on wild cats. Kinectimals is being developed by Frontier Developments and is expected to be a launch title for Kinect.

Here is a guide to the tricks done in Kinectimals.

Trick Guide[edit | edit source]

  1. Sit - say "sit down" into mic or crouch and pat thighs.
  2. Lie Down - say "lie down" into mic.
  3. Sleep - While in the lie down position say "go to sleep".
  4. Play Dead - Lay on your back and raise arms and legs into air or say "play dead".
  5. Roll Over - while pet is laying down say "roll over" or make circles in front of you with arms.
  6. Back Flip - While in the Beg Pose jump.
  7. Roll Backwards - Make wide circles with your arm counter clockwise.
  8. Roll Forwards - Make wide circles with your arm clockwise.
  9. Begs Pose - While in the sit position raise arms in front like a T-Rex.
  10. Jump - Just jump.
  11. Star Jump - Jump and spread legs and raise arms to make an X shape.
  12. Balance - Lean your body to the left or right on one leg.
  13. Stand - Raise arms into the air.
  14. One Leg Balance - While in the Stand position balance on one leg.
  15. Spin - Spin in a circle.
  16. Clap - While in Beg pose clap.
  17. Ballerina - stand on hind legs, with arms up, and spin.
  18. Peek a boo - sit and cover eyes with hands.
  19. Shy cub - cover eyes with hands.
  20. The worm - lies down and jumps.
  21. Sitting spin - sit and spin.
  22. Name Unknown - sitting jump.
  23. Flop - stand on hind legs and jump.
  24. Cyclist - spin while lying down.
  25. Kinectimals shuffle - beg pose and do a star jump.
  26. Snore - lay down on the ground for like 4 seconds or so after it sleeps.
  27. Sleep walk - while sleeping raise hands in the air.
  28. Wake Up Surprise - clap hands while cub is sleeping.
  29. Wobble - while on hind legs side step.
  30. Lean - lean to one side or the other while arms are straight out.
  31. Barrel Roll - Arm to the front of you, wave in a circle.
  32. Ballerina - stand on hind legs, with arms up, and spin.
  33. Nowhere to hide - "lie down" and cover eyes with hands.
  34. Shy cub - cover eyes with hands.
  35. Sitting jump (forget the name).
  36. Laying jump (forget the name).
  37. Flop - stand on hind legs and jump.
  38. Snore - lay down on the ground for like 4 seconds or so after it sleeps.
  39. Clap hands while cub is sleeping (forget the name).

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