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Basic Information
Video Game
Frontier Developments
Microsoft Game Studios
Virtual Pet
Xbox 360
This title has been rated E by the ESRB
Main Credits
David Braben
European Union European Release Date(s)
Xbox 360
November 192010
CanadaUnited StatesMexico North American Release Date(s)
Xbox 360
November 42010
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Summary[edit | edit source]

Kinectimals is an upcoming video game for the Xbox 360 that uses Kinect. In Kinectimals players can interact with virtual animals in a manner akin to pets, gameplay includes activities such as teaching tricks to the animal, guiding the animal around an obstacle course, and free-form play for example hide and seek.

The video game is aimed at a young audience, particularly children, and is planned to include five different virtual animals all based on wild cats. Kinectimals is being developed by Frontier Developments and is expected to be a launch title for Kinect.

Here is a guide to the tricks done in Kinectimals.

Trick Guide[edit | edit source]

  1. Sit - say "sit down" into mic or crouch and pat thighs.
  2. Lie Down - say "lie down" into mic.
  3. Sleep - While in the lie down position say "go to sleep".
  4. Play Dead - Lay on your back and raise arms and legs into air or say "play dead".
  5. Roll Over - while pet is laying down say "roll over" or make circles in front of you with arms.
  6. Back Flip - While in the Beg Pose jump.
  7. Roll Backwards - Make wide circles with your arm counter clockwise.
  8. Roll Forwards - Make wide circles with your arm clockwise.
  9. Begs Pose - While in the sit position raise arms in front like a T-Rex.
  10. Jump - Just jump.
  11. Star Jump - Jump and spread legs and raise arms to make an X shape.
  12. Balance - Lean your body to the left or right on one leg.
  13. Stand - Raise arms into the air.
  14. One Leg Balance - While in the Stand position balance on one leg.
  15. Spin - Spin in a circle.
  16. Clap - While in Beg pose clap.
  17. Ballerina - stand on hind legs, with arms up, and spin.
  18. Peek a boo - sit and cover eyes with hands.
  19. Shy cub - cover eyes with hands.
  20. The worm - lies down and jumps.
  21. Sitting spin - sit and spin.
  22. Name Unknown - sitting jump.
  23. Flop - stand on hind legs and jump.
  24. Cyclist - spin while lying down.
  25. Kinectimals shuffle - beg pose and do a star jump.
  26. Snore - lay down on the ground for like 4 seconds or so after it sleeps.
  27. Sleep walk - while sleeping raise hands in the air.
  28. Wake Up Surprise - clap hands while cub is sleeping.
  29. Wobble - while on hind legs side step.
  30. Lean - lean to one side or the other while arms are straight out.
  31. Barrel Roll - Arm to the front of you, wave in a circle.
  32. Ballerina - stand on hind legs, with arms up, and spin.
  33. Nowhere to hide - "lie down" and cover eyes with hands.
  34. Shy cub - cover eyes with hands.
  35. Sitting jump (forget the name).
  36. Laying jump (forget the name).
  37. Flop - stand on hind legs and jump.
  38. Snore - lay down on the ground for like 4 seconds or so after it sleeps.
  39. Clap hands while cub is sleeping (forget the name).

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