King Dugan's Dungeon

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King Dugan's Dungeon
King Dugan's Dungeon logo
Basic Information
Video Game
[[Caravel Games]][[Category:Caravel Games]]
[[Caravel Games]][[Category:Caravel Games]]
Keyboard, Mouse
PC - Windows, Linux and Mac OS X
Main Credits
[[Erik Hermansen]]
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King Dugan's Dungeon is a computer puzzle game in Deadly Rooms of Death series published by Caravel Games. It's a commercial remake of the original DROD game released under DROD 2.0 engine with enhanced graphics, new content and complete voice acting for Beethro and other characters. It is also integrated into Caravel's online score and progress-tracking system.[1]

Story[edit | edit source]

File:DROD King Dugan.jpg
Beethro engaging the first roach in the dungeon

Beethro, a dungeon exterminator, has been hired by the King Dugan to eliminate a roach problem in his dungeon. He uncovers the mysteries of king Dugan's dungeon as he grinds his way through the roach infestation.[2]

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