Kingdom of Loathing

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Kingdom of Loathing
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The Kingdom of Loathing is the name of a popular free, browser and text-based MMORPG. Using purposely primitive graphics (stick drawings in black & white), the game is known for satirizing the genre of online and role-playing games. For example, it uses meat, an item that is typically excessive in most games, as the common currency. The classes are all offbeat and unheard of, such as "Disco Bandit", "Pastamancer" and "Seal Clubber". In addition to this, the games descriptions, attacks, and practically everything with text features jokes and references to various parts of pop culture. The entire game is heavily mixed with this kind of humor.

The game is often updated with events, new skills, quests, items and more to keep players interested. It utilizes a turn-based system, where accounts get 40 turns per day, but can eat a limited amount of food, or drink a limited amount of booze, to get more.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

There are only three stats (with many synonyms) in the game: Muscle (Determines your attack), Mysticality (Determines your MP) and Moxie (Determines your defense). They are leveled up through adventures, such as fighting monsters or going to gyms. "Adventure" is just another word for "turn" - You get 40 new ones each day, but any unused adventures will roll over to the next day.

You can get more adventures by eating food and drinking alcohol. However, with food, you will get filled up and cannot eat for the rest of the day. With alcohol, you will reach your drunken threshold, and all your adventures will change to drunken stupors where you usually lose stats and money for the rest of the day.

Players can do a variety of things, like setting up shops to sell items they've accumulated, join and start clans, fight with other players, go on quests given to you by the council of loathing, or more commonly, beat up monsters. Since the game has a sense of humor, the monsters are almost always weird and have witty descriptions.

Ascension[edit | edit source]

Ascension is the act of "beating" the game - When you defeat the games boss, the Naughty Sorceress, you have the option of ascending and restarting the game from level 1. This time, however, you have your items and money from your previous "life" stored for 400 turns, and cannot receive items from others during this period. The advantage of ascending are the new unlocked features, such as a few new places and quests, as well as new equipment, including shirts.

Additionally, when you ascend, you get to keep one class skill with you. With enough ascensions, you will theoretically be able to come up with an all around, mish mash character with a wide variety of customized skills.

Classes[edit | edit source]

There are three types of classes, and a total of six classes:

  • Muscle-based
    • Turtle Tamer
    • Seal Clubber
  • Mysticality-based
    • Saucerer
    • Pastamancer
  • Moxie-based
    • Accordion Thief
    • Disco Bandit

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