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Kissy & Takky are the main protagonists of the game Baraduke.

BD Kissy.gif

The first player controls "Kissy", while the second player (if there is one) controls "Takky"; they are both on a mission to save the Paccet Planet from the evil Octy King, and must use their ray guns to destroy all his Octy minions and any other enemies that are populating the planet's forty-eight floors. They start the game with two shields, and will have the chance to earn up to six more, by saving the one-eyed Paccets (that can be found inside the capsules that the Octy leave behind when killed) for the end-of-floor bonus games - however, it is also possible to lose shields in the end-of-floor bonus games as well (also, if they lose a life, they will also be resurrected with one less shield, unless they had two). When one player clears a floor, the other takes over.