Kokiri Forest

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A forest from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Here, the eternally young Kokiri live under the watch of the Great Deku Tree. The Kokiri are unable to leave the forest. It is believed that if they do, it would kill them. The Hero of Time (Link) was raised in this forest when his dying mother left him with the Great Deku Tree. Many Fairies live in this forest too, like Navi. There is a tunnel connected to The Lost Woods and the Hidden Meadow, which houses the Forest Temple, as well as another tunnel leading to Hyrule.

Kokiri Forest.png

Link is tasked with going inside of the Great Deku Tree and defeat "the great evil" that lies within. Despite Link killing the boss, the Great Deku Tree dies, leaving the Kokiri unprotected. A new sprout eventually appears later in the game. Once Link unsheathes the Master Sword, Kokiri Forest is overrun by enemies, and Saria has been trapped inside the Forest Temple. Eventually, Link defeats the boss, and Saria is revealed to be the Forest Sage.