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Basic Information
Video Game
Himeya Soft
C's Ware
Adventure, Adult
Microsoft Windows
Retail Features
Japan Japanese Release Date(s)
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Kotobuki is an arcade style game which involves a great deal of hand-eye coordination.

At the start of the game, the player chooses which character they want to use (either Pao or Pino). After selecting the character, the player is taken to the overworld map where they see several locations from various C's Ware titles. There is the mansion from the game "Fatal Relations", the luxury yacht from the game "Eve Burst Error", the school in the game "Love Potion", and several more. The player follows the game's chronology and finishes the seven levels that make up one locale before they can proceed to the nex location.

Kotobuki is similar to billiards and the PC classic "Lode Runner". The player is equipped with a cue stick and they have to set up the balls and use them to vanquish enemies—ranging from roving guards to femme fatale level bosses. The player can also dig holes to trap them in, but they can do the same for them also. There are also helpful items the player can obtain and use. When the player defeats the bosses, they are rewarded with CGs that feature the particular boss character in some level of undress and at times in kinky poses.

The artwork differs with each location the player is trying to finish.