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Kratos Aurion is a mercenary shrouded in mystery from the Action RPG Tales of Symphonia. He uses a single double edged sword to fight and is capable of some low level magic, such as healing magic or lightning thrusts. He is a very serious, and strong, character. His moves are very similar to Zelos Wilder. The voice of Kratos is provided by Cam Clarke.

Kratos Aurion. No relation to or Kratos of God of War or Auron of Final Fantasy.

Eventually, it is revealed that Kratos is the real father of Lloyd Irving. Kratos is an angel, once friends with Yuan, Martel and Mithos. He is hundreds of years old. Lloyd's mother/Kratos' wife was killed by Kratos, when she was turned into a monster/zombie because of the Exsphere experiments by the Desians. What is left of her soul resides in Lloyd's Angelus Project Exsphere. The game eventually makes you choose between having Zelos or Kratos in your party permanently. To obtain Kratos, during the doctor event in the snow town, refuse all visitors you get. The last one will be Kratos and unrefusable.